Introduce My Self ( 01 August 2021 )

Hello everyone, I am the new user in Hive community, my name is Abdi Aulia , I am 21 years old, I was born in 2000. I am a student and Ima Photographers, As you can see in the photos above, I am someone who really likes a Nature, I really love Natures, I have many Advanture’s and Travel’s About Nature like ocean, i was very happy to play and travel in nature.





I am also an ambitious and full of tension, I can also be humorous, I like to take walks to the beach, and around other nature. When I was in school, I had participated in several activities such as pramukan and paskibraka to welcome Indonesia's national independence day. from school I have started to be active in organizations and participating in other big activities.

The beauty of nature and ocean is one of the media that God has provided for me personally as a place for the therapy process to become a better person. Beautiful nature and ocean calms my heart, teaches me the greatness of God's hand that makes everything Beautifuln, so that my heart believes that the same God who created this Beautiful Nature can also recreate me or change me into a better, personal person. who can be free from drugs and not only as a person who loves the nature of plantations but as a profession that helps God manage and maintain the natural beauty of his creations.






I am also someone who likes crowds, that's why I have many friends, and I often travel with my friends, in my opinion, friends bring me a better path, with friends I also get to know a lot of insight, knowledge and other things.
I Know About Hive, When I Watched the youtube videos about hive, from this videos also I know about Hive, in this video The Someone told me many things about Hive, he explained in great detail about this hive. so that today I registered myself as a new member in HIve.




iam someone who really likes to try new things, things that really give me curiosity, like Hive, I'm very curious about this Hive, I started thinking, how can someone get an income by writing and posting on Hive, so aroused great curiosity, through this writing I have freed my curiosity towards Hive, I learned how to make the first post, how to write properly and correctly, I studied all of that before I wrote this introduction.
Big Thanks From me to you all, Please Come and visit my post for the next time.

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