Mengejar mimpi (cover) by chairul attaillah

hellooo,, good night hive blog friends all..
So tonight I want to post a video of my cover song on my YouTube, entitled Mengjar Dreams by the band yovie and nuno,,Why did I bring this song, because for me the song is easily accepted by today's children and the song is comfortable for me take it because this song fits the genre that I like, and hopefully hive friends can enjoy and be entertained with the songs I sing and I also ask friends on the hive blog to be able to give input if something is lacking so I can improve it to be better good again.
Oh, I want to tell you a little that I have many hobbies including singing, I sing every song whether it's pop songs, Islamic songs or others, and from the language I sing songs in Indonesian, English, Arabic or others .
I really like to sing, so of course I also really like listening to music, music is beauty and a universal language, with music my heart becomes calm and my passion is awakened, it is the medicine for my anxiety, I am always grateful and also praise Allah who has created music beautifully and create people who sing it, I also thank the musicians who have sung it with such melodious voices, besides that I can also learn various languages ​​in a fun way.

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