Andaikan aku punya sayap cover by chairul attaillah

hellooo,, good afternoon hive blog friends all..
See you again chairul attaillah, as usual I want to post again a cover song (children's song) on ​​youtube entitled If I Have Wings by Sherina Munaf, honestly I am very happy and also really enjoy singing Sherina Munaf's song entitled Suppose I I have wings even though the song is an old song but I personally still cover the song and because this song is also very suitable for the genre that I carry, and hopefully hive blog friends can enjoy it too and hopefully you can still be entertained by the songs I sing and I also ask friends on the hive blog to be able to give input and also suggestions for me if something is lacking so I can improve it to be even better in the future and continue to be able to work in the music world with input from friends of hibe blog friends, because for me a singer must be able to master the song being sung and also have to bring a song gu with a better appreciation and also more leverage. Accompanied by a beautiful and melodious voice so that it can be heard with a good impression. And accompanied by facial expressions (expressions) that match the lyrics. In order to attract listeners to animate existing songs.
I really like singing, so of course I really like listening to music because for me music is an extraordinary beauty.

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