Betterlife ! Nandani Seva Sanstha providing free oxygen cylinders

Hello Dear Hive friends
Today I have a Beautiful day...

I woke up at 5 am today. These days i am not going for walking out due to amid corona virus, and i was walking only on the roof of my house so that i can keep myself and my family safe. So i have done walking there and after 20 min of walking i have done some exercises including breathing exercises.

I sat there and i took my phone and saw some of the news on it, i saw that people were forming long queues for oxygen at the oxygen plant. Hence, Nandni Seva Sanstha of our city are coming forward to help them by purchasing the oxygen cylinders in the hour-long line. They are providing free of cost services to patients who have no money to buy network season nor to buy beds in private hospitals on Wednesday afternoon. He takes 2 to 3 cylinders in the line every day and donates them free of cost. I was happy about this and then i went for bath and then i had the breakfast and then i went to my office.

Nandani Seva Sanstha providing free oxygen cylinders

Nandani Seva Sanstha providing free oxygen cylinders

Nandani Seva Sanstha providing free oxygen cylinders

It was news that since the vaccination of fourth phase i.e. 18 plus people has started from May 3 to May 8… 18 to 44 years old people at 18 centers. Vaccination took place, in which the youth participated enthusiastically and there was a rush of people to install the Corona vaccine at all the centere. The targer to vaccinate 3 thousand people dailyhad been set in our city, Due to which everyone has to register themselves online on the Co-Win website. However, due to the rising outbreak of Corona, more people have registered than expected. During this time, the Corona Guide Line was also taken care of.



Where there are many people in who are black-marketing of oxygen cylinders during the corona virus epidemic. At the same time, Nandni Seva Sansthan of Meerut is providing sanitizer free of cost to people including oxygen cylinders and nebulizers. Let us know that the president of Nanhi Seva Sansthan, Rahul Thakur, takes the line every day and brings oxygen cylinders for the poor. And then deliver them to those poor destitute people. Those who desperately need them. At the same time, Rahul Thakur donated several nebulizers with his family and also carried out a sanitation campaign in several streets. So that the corona virus can be eradicated.

Nandni Seva Sansthan sanitation campaign

Nandni Seva Sansthan sanitation campaign

Nandni Seva Sansthan sanitation campaign

Then i was home till 8 pm and then i sanitized myself and then i had the dinner with my family and during that we watched the movie and it was a nice movie with very interesting story. It was South Indian one. After i had completed my dinner which as tasty and then i went to my room for making a post for @Hiveblog and after it was completed, i went to see the movie and after that i went to sleep.

Have a great day to all of you.

सबको धन्यवाद


I hope you like it.


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