Nutbox's slogan is "Link community to Web3.0", please describe what the community can do with Nutbox in the future? / Nutbox的口号为“Link community to Web3.0“,请描述下未来社区能在Nutbox做哪些事情?


Nutbox's slogan is "Link community to Web3.0", please describe what the community can do with Nutbox in the future?

  • Wenfeng Wang

Nutbox, which exists in the form of a chain, can not only provide content and staking modules for other chains, but also allow DAO to easily create various DApps and organize services for its organization through Nutbox's modular components.

In the future, the community can create its own decentralized content community, decentralized cross-chain staking module and DAO governance module through Nutbox. At the same time, DApp developers can use Nutbox's contract platform to develop content-based, staking-based DeFi applications.

Nutbox的口号为“Link community to Web3.0“,请描述下未来社区能在Nutbox做哪些事情?



Slogan Nutbox adalah "Pautkan komuniti ke Web3.0", terangkan apa yang dapat dilakukan oleh komuniti dengan Nutbox di masa depan?

  • Wenfeng Wang

Nutbox, yang wujud dalam bentuk rantai, tidak hanya dapat menyediakan modul kandungan dan pertaruhan untuk rantai lain, tetapi juga memungkinkan DAO membuat pelbagai DApps dengan mudah dan mengatur perkhidmatan untuk organisasinya melalui komponen modular Nutbox.

Pada masa akan datang, komuniti dapat membina komuniti kandungan yang terdesentralisasi, modul pertaruhan rentas rantai terdesentralisasi dan modul tadbir urus DAO melalui Nutbox. Pada masa yang sama, pengembang DApp dapat menggunakan platform kontrak Nutbox untuk mengembangkan aplikasi DeFi berasaskan kandungan dan pertaruhan.


About Nutbox

Nutbox is a one-stop DAO factory for the community, providing non-technical founders with a series of tools (Crowd-staking, DApp factory, and DAO governance factory) to facilitate the creation of their own DAO platform.

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