THE WARRIOR OF WHITE VEILS. My first work with Artbreeder and a short story


The Warrior of the White Veils

Wrapped in translucent veils that hide his lack of something we could call "body", the Warrior of the White Veils advances almost floating, like a vaporous bird, like mist. On his back he carries his only weapon, a thorny birch branch from the peaks. His mastery in handling the flexible, thin, snow-colored trunk means he doesn't need any other weaponry. Stored in the bag hanging from his forehead, ready for attack, the birch branch of the peaks is attentive, anxious to kill.

The old pines serve as camouflage although they are shorter than him. His restrained way of walking and his elongated figure allow him to go unnoticed. No one suspects the closeness of his fury in the village of the ooties. The children crawl happily. The females groom their tails. Even the old males have let their guard down and talk about the great times of the past. Already the Warrior of the White Veils is about to finish crossing the jungle. Soon he will have to apply all his strength. Soon he will have to be relentless. And eradicate them all.

Following the recommendation of the cool friend @juliakponsford who conceiving and curating the interesting contest Art Explosion, and because I love to try different programs and apps, I registered on the free software page to experiment with its different resources for making digital art. A figure appeared to me suggested by a warrior:

To finish the artwork I used a Demo of the PaintTool SAI Ver.1 software, taking advantage of the 31-day free trial period offered by its creators. I think it's a good drawing program, with quite a few tools that have allowed me to explore various options and create different types of works of art:

This is how this Warrior of the White Veils appeared, who is at the head of my post and whom I present to you today.

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