Wings of fire - Light Painting with Fire

ntopaz-image-0The Night of Fire Part two. Light Painting with Fire in a collaborative effort with Zach Allen and wonderful Juli Thornton from Houston Texas.
Creating art together that's what @lightpainters is about. He showed me how he uses the fire torches.

We drove to the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier and found quiet and relativly dark spot underneath the pier it self. We did not take any risk of a fire. We did have a fire extinguesher and we been very close to the water anyhow. So everything was extreemly safe.

So this shot was created just minutes before the prior published post. this was my first try of the night and ia was pretty happy the way it came out.
The exposure time here was exactly 154 seconds at F9 ISO 100.

Thank you Zach and Juli

There is that project by @geekgirl - super nice idea.
Thats why i thought this post fits very well the day, since i was passed on the the @steemtorch by @elsaenroute
Now i (passed it on to Stepko](/@steemtorch/the-steem-torch-has-been-passed-to-stepko-20200213t130725z)

I hope @stepko finds someone with the fire burning for Steem to pass it onto fast ;-)
i appologize for beeing extra fast here.

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