From your attic in to my dreams

Today I picked up this goddam beauty of a CRT TV for free from a local chap who said it was only destined for the tip.

(@steemmatt you would be proud!) (it’s in amazing condition too)


It’s just so awesome to look at. A proper little time capsule.
It fills me with actual joy.

It reminds me of the set I had in my bedroom as a pre-teen. A black and white old thing my parents used in the living room when I was a toddler. It had naff plastic noisy clicky buttons to change channels and by the time of got to me some buttons were broken so I had to use a pen 😂

This unit turns on just fine but it needs the right cables and adapters to get it hooked up properly to watch anything or play any games etc
I’ve found a HDMI - RF adapter... imagine watching Netflix on this thing! Or playing the SNES! 😍


The speaker works too, as crackly as it is.

I actually seeked out this TV for use on a ‘1989’ style kids bedroom video set we were building for a commercial.

It looks like the advert filming isn’t going ahead anymore but I’m glad I still managed to bag this thing.

I actually got three TV’s today. Here’s the other one!


How cool is that?
(the answer is very)

Other other unit is in the car. It’s not as pretty as these - more of a black characterless square but I’ll give it a proper clean up and get it working if I can.

Amazingly these kinds of ‘vintage’ CRT TV’s fetch quite a bit on eBay these days.
I don’t think most people see the value in them and take them straight from attic to the tip. But ones that are in half decent condition can fetch a decent price.

I’ll be keeping this one

Whether it be for nostalgic game playing, a fun office ornament or a prop for another video; I won’t be letting this go any time soon 😎

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