Masturbation = Zinc Depletion

You lose fundamental fluids, ZINC, vitamins, minerals, life-force, soul, spirit, heart, will, confidence, as you jack off, masturbate, stretch the old hot dog. As you abstain from masturbation, you become more sexually attractive to the opposite sex. Men and women have always been struggling with masturbation, sexuality, relationships, emotions, for thousands of years.

Masturbation = Lose Zinc

Natural Remedies - How to get Zinc Back Into Your Body?


As a man, you begin to smell more like a man to women as you focus, as you retain vital fluids. More than that, you become healthier, less sick, a Hell of a lot more confident. Men begin to have prostate problems as they are too self focused, selfish, absorbed.



You can choose differently. Think about helping others. Believe that you can decide how you want to live your life. Either, you want to have sex all the time with everybody or maybe not so much. Masturbation is generally a fantasy of sleeping around with other people.

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Dragon Masturbation

The Dragon is a Metaphor for Masturbation?


But life is mostly centered upon our priorities. Masturbation is a habit, a choice, a decision, a lifestyle, a philosophy, and it is especially an addiction. You can ask for help. You can pray. You can tell people about it. For the most part, how you live your life is mostly a discipline, a skill, a habit, and it takes daily reminders, renewals, to readjust your goals, what you may or may not want to do.

Each hour, you decide what to do and who to be.

Herbal Remedy - For Dopamine Depletion

Mr. Herby wrote : Finally last year, a major breakthrough had happened to me. I had sought help from experts through this website. I was told that me my problem was due to the deficiency of Human Growth Hormones (HGH), DHEA, and testosterone due to over masturbation in adolescence and burning out the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and dopamine. Since I don't have much left in my bioelectric charge system -- the parasympathetic nervous subsystem and its associated organs are low in bioelectricity -- I began to take herbal remedy. The first sign of my recovery was my fingers, toes, and penis tip became quite warm. Nightly emissions began to go away. My sex drive began to come back. I have practiced the Anal Breathing Technique to inhibit the sexual drive to avoid the fatal mistake of excessive masturbation. I am feeling better and stronger. My erections are harder than before and I can maintain it longer. I think I am 65-85% recovered. I will post further info at the BBS to share…


Food high in Zinc, as follows:

Kidney Beans
Pumpkin Seeds
Lima Beans
Hemp Seeds
Chicken Leg

Masturbation = Zinc Depletion

2018-06-28 - Thursday - 08:06 AM LMS - Masturbation = Zinc Depletion
Written by me - Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Written on the twenty-eight of June, 2018
Published at 09:17 AM

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