My NFT Overview


Hello everybody! 😊

How are you doing?
I thought I make a post as an overview about all my NFTs and when new ones are added to the market, I will add them to this post also. πŸ˜ƒ So this post will function as a catalogue until I finished the real NFT catalogue I am working on! πŸ˜…

I love NFTs, I love collecting and I love designing and bring my ideas to life! So I am about to kick off my NFT project and promoting it from now on.

I am also in communications with some games and projects, where it might be able to add more usecases to my NFTs soon! πŸ˜„ I hope this works out. Exciting times are ahead!

I love that I finally did the step to start with the NFT project, which I wanted to do for so long, but was afraid, that no one would be interested. But well, just do what you love and everything will work out sooner or later. I try to stick to that now!

So here we go, please have a look at all the NFTs there are so far! I just started, but I am pretty happy with the outcome already! 😊 More and more are designed constantly!

Of course I hope to raise some funds through them, so I can making a living as an artist sooner or later, and to be able to pay for my future ideas. I never run out of ideas haha, so there will always be alot to come! πŸ˜„

Current Reign of Raven NFTs

A little thing in general about my NFTs:
I love numbers! You might have noticed. πŸ˜‰ So the mint #6 will not be up for sale. I will always keep this copy for later for giving it away in a special way.

I will always list the maximum possible copies, and the amount of copies, which I already put on the market.

Special Birtday NFT

Everyone who participated in my Birthday Show on the 13th of March was rewarded with my very first NFT on WAX.

Max. Supply: 42
Currently on the market: Not for sale; only through third parties

Find NFT here

Special Birtday NFT - Animated

This is the animated version of the special Birthday NFT.

Max. Supply: 39
Currently on the market: 38 copies
Price Mint #1: 133 WAX
Price Mint #2 - #4: 99 WAX
Price Mint #5 - #7: 88 WAX
Price Mint #8 - #10: 77 WAX
Price Mint #11 - #39: 66 WAX

Find NFT here

GIF Series

This series contains my GIFs, which are available on Tenor, Discord, Twitter, etc.
There are currently 3 different GIFs minted as NFTs already, and the other ones will be added over time.

Raven - Lets Get This Party Started GIF.gif

Raven GIF #1 - LetΒ΄s Get This Party Started

Max. Supply: 133
Currently on the market: 15 copies
Price Mint #1: 13 WAX
Price Mint #2 - #9: 6 WAX
Price Mint #10 - #133: 3 WAX

Find NFT here

Raven - Bottoms Up GIF.gif

Raven GIF #2 - Bottoms Up

Max. Supply: 133
Currently on the market: 15 copies
Price Mint #1: 13 WAX
Price Mint #2 - #9: 6 WAX
Price Mint #10 - #133: 3 WAX

Find NFT here

Raven - Give Me That Token GIF.gif

Raven GIF #2 - Bottoms Up

Max. Supply: 133
Currently on the market: 15 copies
Price Mint #1: 13 WAX
Price Mint #2 - #9: 6 WAX
Price Mint #10 - #133: 3 WAX

Find NFT here

$RAVEN Token Holder NFTs

These NFTs are not for sale and not preminted. Every $RAVEN Holder can claim a $RAVEN NFT and a badge, according to the Tier he holds (read more about $RAVEN here).


Animated Ravencoin

Currently minted: 20

Find NFT here

Badge Ravencoin Gold Tier.png


Currently minted: 11

Find NFT here

Badge Ravencoin Platinum Tier.png


Currently minted: 2

Find NFT here

Badge Ravencoin Diamond Tier.png


Currently minted: 0

Find NFT here

Another 4 collections of NFTs are already in progress, and 2 other ones are planned for after!

So, although I just started, the collection is growing fast. πŸ˜„
I love NFTs, it gives me the creative freedom of creating whatever just comes to my mind. No matter if its art, animation, audio, video, lyrics or whatever else, and be able to go into gaming in the long run. ThatΒ΄s just great and exactly what I was looking for for years!

I hope you like my NFTs. And I thank you all so much for supporting me on my journey! We just started! This will be getting big in the future! πŸ˜„ So thanks alot everyone! πŸ’œ

Best regards,


Raven Divider2.png

I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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