Safer NFT Transfers with NFTMart

As you know, at NFTMart, we strive to make things easier for our users. Do you get a feeling of anxiety when transferring cards to another account? Well do we have the update for you.

With our updated transfer dialog, upon your first click of the transfer button, we will validate the name. Depending on the validity of the name, a few things could happen:

First, we will verify that a hive account is possible (as we've heard horror stories of transferring to impossible usernames - losing NFTs Forever), if it is not possible, you will be blocked from sending anything to that account:

If you try and send to an account which can exist, but doesn't (i.e. someone who has just signed up), we let you send but require you to do a second confirmation on that to ensure thats what you want to do.

We also added a profile picture icon to the send box so you can "see" who you are sending to - literally. If it's a valid name, you'll experience no more steps than usual, it'll just take a very short moment (less than a second) to validate that user's existance.

Also, we fixed a bug which stopped you from adding more than 50 items to your cart, you can now add up to 250 items to your cart at once.

Thank you for using/checking out NFTMart and we hope these features make the market more useful for you,
The NFTMart Team

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