NFTMart - Hive's NFT Market - Just Choose, Click & Checkout


Introducing NFTMart

Hive is bursting with NFT madness, and it can be a bit of a bother tracking down the different markets, listing, searching listings, and buying. NFTMart is here to help!

What is NFTMart?

NFTMart will be Hive's one stop shop for buying, selling, and trading NFTs. Different features will be rolled out individually, so this launch has NFTMart doing one thing and doing it well. In the future, expect to see all of your favorite NFTs available. Just for starters...

Buy and Sell dCity Cards Now!

dCity players have struggled to find a convenient to access and easy-to-use market, but that ends today
Here is the default view

Rather than showing all the cards in a jumbled mess, NFTMart presents only the lowest priced card for each currency. Filter by the desired currency, search for that needed card (or browse through them all), and add to cart with a single click. Need more than one card? Click more than one card. A tooltip displays the price of the next card as you click through a stack


For security of your information and to reduce the trust you need to have in us, NFTMart supports both Hive Keychain and HiveSigner. Checking out requires only a single click of the checkout icon.


Listing dCity Cards on NFTMart

With a buying process that slick and easy, of course NFTMart offers a fast and convenient selling interface.

It works much the same as the Buy interface, you click all the cards that you want to add to your selection (to sell)


So, I want to sell 5 luxury homes, so I select luxury home 5 times (by clicking 5 times)


Now, we click the Sell Button (Hand with Dollar Sign).


After clicking the button, our enthusiastic dialog will await your orders


So I want to sell all of these cards for 1.5 Hive (not SWAP.HIVE) Each, so I enter my sell price as 1.5, and my currency as HIVE


Click the sell button and either Keychain or HiveSigner will help you to complete the transaction


Just confirm it, and your cards will now be on sale for the price you specified (1.5 Hive per Card in my case)


ğŸŽ‰ Done!

But wait, there's more!

Tired of being restricted to buying and selling in Engine tokens? NFTMart allows the use of HIVE and HBD directly! No more losing that 1% on deposit and withdrawal

NFTMart Is Just Getting Started

Having a gorgeous and fast market for dCity is a big step forward for those interested in playing and collecting dCity NFTs, but it is only the beginning of NFTMart. Some of the features on the roadmap include:

  • more NFT markets - if it is an NFT on Hive, it should be on NFTMart
  • trade NFTs - list what you have and what you want and wait for an interested party to complete the trade. Swap @risingstargame cards for @dcitygame cards. No need to fish through a Discord
  • Buy Orders - Set a buy order less than the current sell price, and we'll match it with a seller if one sells for your price.

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