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NFTMart is pleased to announce another successful collaboration! HashKings launched a presale and began issuing HKFARM Hive Engine NFT assets for the game.
HashKings founder, @qwoyn worked with the NFTMart team to bring this new token to NFTMart shortly after the NFT assets were issued. HashKings cards are available to view, transfer, buy, and sell immediately on NFTMart.

About the Game

HashKings has a unique economy to allow for great play variety. Due to the land scarcity, players may decide to act as land barons by focusing on Plot NFTs and leasing the space to other players. Burning buds allows players to gain XP expand their in-game opportunities. Development is early and details may be subject to change. Follow @hashkings to keep up-to-date and join the game launch in the coming weeks

Congratulations to @qwoyn, @liuke96player, and the whole @al-gaming team!

Another New Safety Feature

In addition to the recent update regarding card transfers, NFTMart has now implemented an update which will help our users when buying. Using the new expPrice and expPriceSymbol that has been added by Hive Engine, you can ensure that the displayed price is accurate or the order will not succeed

Check out the HashKings NFT Market on NFTMart.

Have questions for the HashKings team? Join the HashKings Discord

If you have any questions or want to add your game's assets to NFTMart, join our Discord.

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