The Road map, and story of Level 1 and PSYBER X.... A Cyberpunk Story


What Is Psyber X?

Psyber X is an upcoming cyberpunk-themed MMO. One of its sources of inspiration is Fortnite, so it should come as no surprise to learn that it will include battle royale-style matches. However, that will be but one of Psyber X's features, which will be incorporated into a living world shaped by the players' choices.

What Can You Expect from the Story of Psyber X?

Cyberpunk can't be cyberpunk without a futuristic metropolis whose shining façade conceals the rot that permeates its structure from top to bottom. For Psyber X, this would be Zeelis, a center of commerce that doubled as a popular tourist destination for the people living throughout the surrounding region. Unfortunately, times have changed, with the result that the city has become a battleground for everyone who can get their hands on a gun. The strongest have set their eyes on becoming the next master of Zeelis; opportunism has brought a wave of bandits and other outlaws crawling out to clash out in the open; and now there are even rogue robots running around in the pitted streets.

What Can You Expect from the Mechanics of Psyber X?

As mentioned earlier, Psyber X will feature battle royale-style matches. In these, interested individuals will be able to strengthen themselves by performing kill streaks against both human opponents and AI-controlled rogue robots. Moreover, there will be a chance to unleash huge, towering mechs, which can reverse the course of a match in an instant.

However, the battle royale-style matches will be just a part of the overall MMO world shaped by the players' choices. If they want, they can found their own gang, send their gang members out on missions, and take on rival gangs for power. Alternatively, players can choose to become one of the officers working for the beleaguered city, working to restore peace one step at a time. Besides this, interested individuals can take on a wide range of other roles that include but will not be limited to DJs, teachers, and entertainers, the demand for which will be determined by the choices of everyone around them. Whichever way they choose, players will always have the option to continue climbing to the top of Zeelis in the manner of their choosing.
Now, a shadow of its former self it’s a dystopian battleground.


Between outlaws, bandits, rogue robots, mechs, and anyone that can get their hands on a gun.


Torn between allegiances, everyone is fighting for their moment in the tainted spotlight of the city.

Who will become the next overlord of this once great and flourishing city!

Embark on your own adventure, and claw yourself to the top.
Be what you want.

Rebuild your version of the city (solidify this dysfunctional dystopian into something worse, or rebuild it into something amazing like it once was. Only the new overlord will have this power, and others will be fighting for this position.)

Be what you want! The choice is yours.

A fully function ecosystem that every player will contribute to.

The player base will decide what is needed, not a pre-determined algorithm.

Everyone wants to play the new career released? Ok. That’s fine, but… what happened to all the doctors? And the police force? They will now be in high demand, and people will flock to these careers.

A real life balancing system.

Something for everyone.

Create, destroy, harness, help, or command your future in Psyber X

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