New Cards Launching Immediately On NFTMart!

After over four months of community testing in its alpha phase, Rising Star is ready to release in beta on November 1st. In preparation, NFTMart has added Rising Star cards to our market. Rise to global superstardom in this addicting incremental game, and be sure to congratulate @risingstargame on their coming beta!

You are able to switch games with the buttons that are near the top of the page

Starting immediately, Rising Star cards can be bought, sold, and transferred individually or in bulk at NFTMart with Hive Engine tokens or native HIVE/HBD. Fees for HIVE and HBD will continue at 2.5% of the seller's revenue after the card is sold. Hive Engine tokens will remain at the standard 5% fee.

Rising Star 3-card packs are also available at NFTMart! Each of these packs include 3 random cards, and at least one of them will be rare or better. Opening packs is part of the fun when playing Rising Star, so pack purchases will be delivered to your in-game account for opening.

We've also made some smaller updates to the site which make for a better shopping experience

Estimated Hive Value

Any order that is placed in various Hive-Engine tokens now has a "HIVE Value" section during purchases. The estimated HIVE value is calculated using the lowest ask price. This will help any shopper on NFTMart easily find the best deal.

Better Look

As you can see, there's a completely new look to the cards, giving them a more of a "cards on a mat" look and feel. They also provide the card stats right on them to provide the least amount of confusion to the users. We'd like to thank our artist Ignacio for making the dCity cards.

Faster Load Times Throughout the Market

We've moved some parts of the load to our backend infrastructure, including loading the Hive-Engine orders. That has drastically changed load times as it used to take upwards of 4 seconds to get all the necessary data from Hive-Engine. Using our brand new caching system, we've been able to reduce this to just under 1.5 seconds for dCity and less than 1 second for Rising Star. We are hoping to improve this even more in the future to get the fastest load times found in any market.

Only Tokens With Orders Are Selectable

There's no reason to click on a token with no orders. They aren't clickable until there's at least one order on them in the buy page.

Pesistance Storage

Once you add to your cart, the cards will remain there until you either check out, empty them or someone else buys them, even if you leave the site and come back later.

URL Parameters For Search and Token

With just a simple URL parameter, you can load right into the market with a particular token and a search term already applied.

For example, if you'd like to link someone to a paticular token, you can just add ?currency=HIVE at the end of the url(replacing HIVE for the token of your choice (

For seach parameters, its the same, just add searchValue=apartment replacing apartment for the search of your choice (

You can also combine the two to get a link right to the particular card for ale that you want to share with your friends, just put a & after the first query (

Less Purchase Collision

With our new and improved system, you'll have less chance of potentially colliding with another user who is attempting to purchase the same card as you are at the same time.

If you have any questions or want to add your game's assets to NFTMart, join our Discord.

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