Space Jam: A New Legacy NFTs!

Hi my friends!

Did anyone else get in on the Space Jam: A New Legacy
Special Edition Digital Collectibles giveaway?
"Assemble your elite team with the full Tune Squad NFTs"



I don't even remember where I saw this, but I think it was Twitter, or maybe here on #HIVE?

Okay I just checked Twitter and that's probably where I saw this tweet.

In any case, I was able to claim a free #NFT card, which you can see here:


There was supposed to be a way to get a second free card if you shared your first free card on Social Media, like Twitter. However, there was a glitch after getting the free card. The website kept sending you back to the screen to create a profile. I closed the tab and came back the next day. Then I saw that the cards were already sold out, so I wasn't able to get a second one.

I don't know what my Porky Pig card is worth yet. But the Nifty's site says a Marketplace is coming in about 13 days. People will be able to buy and sell their Space Jam #NFTs there, so I'll check back in a few weeks and find out what Porky is worth.

Here is a good article about these Space Jam NFTs:

It talks about how there were 91,000 cards available and you could buy them for $2.99 but I see they are all sold out already. The article talks about why Warner Bros chose Nifty's, a new small company, to distribute the NFTs. Check out the article for more.

Did you hear about this giveaway? Did you get one Free NFT, or more?

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