Unique.One NFT Marketplace Roadmap and Easter Eggs

I've written on Unique.One some time back and now fast forward 3 months, Unique.One has accomplish some great things in such a short span of time. I'm really impressed by what this anon team has achieved so far and this is one of the most exciting projects out in the NFT market sphere.

For this post, I won't be giving a tutorial on how to use app.unique.one but instead focus on what has the project been up to and the milestones it has achieved.

Here are some updates to what unique.one has been up to:

1. Project Number 2 Pre-Sale: unique.photo

Such an interesting concept they came up with by having their 2nd project's pre-sale on their own platform unique.one.

It came in the form of selling NFT cards that had an unlockable content of which was the $FOTO tokens of their upcoming project unique.photo.

Here is one that I bought. Buyers got a $FOTO airdrop at the beginning of March as well as a downloadable HD version which you can keep. As for the NFT it's pretty much finished it's purpose of the airdrop but knowing this team behind the project, I'm guessing there's gonna be some sort of use case for the NFT cards - an NFT game or DeFi tool maybe?



They also had a successful IFO with SakeSwap that sold out in 30 minutes. It is still currently the fastest and highest price increase in SakeSwap history so far.

If unique.photo is gonna be anything like it's counterpart unique.one, you best be sure that it's gonna be a really successful platform and project.

2. Featured Article on Cointelegraph

Not surprising that on last Sunday, Cointelegraph, one of the most recognize article portal, feautured unique.one on their website.

This recognition is only the beginning and there's definitely gonna be more to come once unique.photo launches.

You can read more on the article here: https://cointelegraph.com/news/decentralized-nft-project-takes-on-major-marketplaces-and-woos-artists?fbclid=IwAR0sJ3HHQQSa7ZZVgFcBiVJt-aXWrqx7S4DoHLdKL5ff17k75MdJJQENw5o

3. Multi-Chain Launch Starting with xDAI

Before the mainnet launch of unique.photo, unique.one launched their platform on xDAI as well, making it the first step in their roadmap to make unique.one a multi-chain NFT marketplace.

If you'd like to test out minting your NFT on xDAI, you can either use the ETH-xDAI bridge (https://xdai-bridge-ui.herokuapp.com/) or if you are struggling with ETH gas fees, comment your 0x address below and I'll send you 1 free xDAI to get you started.

There has been talks that unique.one will be on Sora as well as soon as EVM is done which can be as early as the end of March.

Links and websites will be at the end of this post.

4. Liquidity Migration to Polkaswap

If you're talking about a project development, there's not many that I've seen be so thorough, thoughtful, flexible, and quick, as unique.one.

The migration to Polkaswap is gonna happen which will drastically reduce gas fees for transactions such as minting and purchasing. In other words, you'll be seeing lots of action of the Sora army and Polkaswap believers as well as unique.one community joining their forces together. These "invisible" partnerships are gonna really kick things up a notch in terms of adoption and volume on these platforms. Expect to see things accelerate at an even faster pace, not that it hasn't already.

This will likely be done earliest before April or latest by end of April.

If you'd like to find out more on what unique.one is all about, head to their website at:

Website: https://www.unique.one
NFT Marketplace: https://app.unique.one/
xDAI NFT Marketplace: https://xdai.unique.one

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