Some NFL players are tied with the NFLPA ties to Emperor Soros=Palpatine, polls shows 80% of Americans against NFL Anthem Protest

NFL are distraction from the real events such as what the powers that shouldn't be have cooking for their false utopia version of NWO with depopulation agendas, etc. What about standing up for those children aborted before they have a chance to live, others are trafficked for torture, rape, and evil twisted Satanic rituals and sacrifices? Save The Children? Shut down these Eugenicists Organizations that make profit of human suffering. These SOB's only value power, wealth, materials, and self leads to further sin and death.
Putting God and Jesus Christ first? WTF happened? World's A Stage.

Unholy Alliance: NFL Players Team Up With George Soros To Fund Leftwing Groups

"In an unholy alliance, the NFL Players Association and George Soros’ Open Society have teamed up to advocate leftists causes in the U.S. “Tax documents released by 2ndVote show the NFLPA donated $5,000 in 2015 to the Center for Community Change Action, a group active in the anti-Trump resistance and bankrolled by a host of liberal foundations, including top Democratic donor George Soros’s Foundation for Open Society,” reports Valerie Richardson of the Washington Times. "

If you haven't already issued your personal "code red" on the NFL, the attached explains what many teams do with your money !

Poll Shows 80% Of Americans Against NFL Anthem Protests Protest: Fools Never Learn by The Doctor Of Common Sense

Barack Obama Started The Anti-American NFL Protest Of This Country: Race Relations At It’s Worst

Comment from a Viewer:
"We should expect this from a sodomite. Obama is the most horrible president in the history of the United States. Nixon was 10 times better than Baracks dick loving, crack smoking, nigga hating ass. I swear we will never see another black person in the White House for the next 500 years and rightfully so. That faggot and his tranny husband Michael should've been at the country music concert in Vegas. I hope that someone, someday will have the balls to take that race card playing, sissified, Kenyan Ebola virus out!!!"

Need another reason to #BoycottNFL
Don't be a cuck! Let's put this this league in the grave
All the players complaining about police are part of the most criminal, violent, murderous group in America.

NFL players’ union teamed up with George Soros to fund leftist advocacy groups

When will Emperor Soros=Palpatine evil bastard troll just die already? Join the Illuminati 3rd Celebrity death, since always in 3's?

George Soros Teamed Up With NFL Players Union to Fund Advocacy Groups by Chris Simpson

"The NFL Players Association has directly donated to numerous political organizations which happen to be backed by globalist billionaire George Soros according to tax records released by 2nd vote. Before 2015 the NFLPA donated to numerous advocacy groups bankrolled by George Soros including the 'resistance' group Center for Community Change Action, and Working America.
The NFL's support of these Soros backed groups further shows the amount of influence Soros has gained through the entirety of the mainstream media. In 2010, Soros gave NPR 1.8 million dollars to hire 100 reporters for their 50 member stations. Prominent journalists from ABC and Washington Post serve on boards of operations for Soros funded reporting organizations such as ProPublica. A report from Media Research Center points to another organization, the Center for Investigative Reporting which received 1 million dollars from Soros’ Open Society Foundation between 2003-2009 alone, as another organization where top journalists from The Seattle Times (David Boardman), Hearst Newspapers (Phil Bronstein), CBS News (George Osterkamp) and others work together to push a Clinton and Soros approved narrative throughout virtually all of the mainstream media. The Washington Post, Salon, CNN and ABC News are listed as partners of CIR. These are just a few of the many ties that Soros has cultivated throughout the media to influence public policy through political propaganda."

Best comments.
"If the NFL wants to engage in political activities, they should have to pay taxes just like everybody else."
"They all need to go to jail! Throwing our country and throwing football game."

Articles he references

In this posting refers to Orban of Hungary really is a neo-Nazi Globalist working with Soros, Merkel, Erdogan, etc. for NWO Agenda. Both parties are the same coin, lead to the same end.
The World Is Heading Towards Armageddon As The Major Military Powers Of The Earth Prepare For War. Great Britain, Germany, Turkey, Hungary, And The Major Military Powers Of The Earth Are All Preparing For World War Three

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