Nextcolony Bot: Building all Ship Types Now Available!

The possibilities for exploration and fighting in NextColony keep growing steadily, and our NextColony AutoPilot bot keeps growing with it, thanks to our developers who enjoy playing the game themselves!

Especially the new warships are looking awesome, but maintaining a fleet spread over many planets can be exhausting.

While the AutoPilot bot will never attack other players to avoid giving bot users an unfair advantage, you have now the option to let it build all ship types - as long as you have the blueprints.

There are several different ways the bot's behavior can be tweaked to your preferences. It is done manually for the time being, so decide on the settings you want to keep for a while, as we might not be able to change them on a daily basis.

Please keep in mind that, while explorers are automatically deployed, war ships will not and you will still have to send them to your planet of choice manually.

But where would be the fun if everything was automated?

The standard version of the bot does not do that, but you can ask for changes to its behavior on our Discord server.

In the future, we plan to have an interface for the bot to allow you to adjust the behavior yourself!

Until then, have fun playing the game, explore the endless depths of space, and keep engaging with the NextColony community through the NextColony TokenBB forum!

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