Another Toy Review today and we're playing with some 'Super Mario Cart' miniature figurines which also are playable pullback cars. They're not only a great collectible item, but they can be played with as well.

I've also set up in this video a new way to record Levi. It's a fixed camera position since I've gotten some feedback that earlier videos were nice but not so pleasant to watch due to the camera shaking too much.

I edited it a little bit to cut of some dead time and shorten the video by a couple of minutes. I think it's a little cleaner and hopefully gives a better viewing experience for all of you.

Updates on our road to monetizing the channel:

We're currently at 50/1000 subscribers in our first 3 days going on to our 4th and 15.7/4000 hours.

It's a long way more to go but little by little we're heading that much closer to where we wanna get to. Thanks for all the help, feedback, and support so far which gives us a lot of input on our YouTube journey.

And remember, don't forget to subscribe, like, and share! :D

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