The World in Crisis: Opportunity for Freedom

Across the world people are today confined and anticipating totalitarian imposition of worse conditions, stripped of their wealth, faced with dependence on despotic overlords while the infrastructure and industry that has sustained them is destroyed openly.

We have a choice before us, whether we succumb to the pandemic or not, whether we ourselves provide our lunch, support ourselves as humanity has always, or allow politicians and megacorporations to make us dependent on them for our sustenance, our thoughts and beliefs, and the physical possession of our very bodies.

I saw today a video of a man who insisted on not being punctured with a hypodermic, and was forced. Assumably he was being blood tested for SARS-CoV-2. Police present, medical staff unapologetic for their insistence on his submission. They didn't have a court order, and simply used force to make him submit to whatever was in that needle.

This is where we are headed. Checkpoints on our streets, obtrusive and threatening surveillance on our media devices, mandated physically invasive medical treatments, including vaccinations and insertion of tracking devices into our bodies. We will need to show we have received permission to travel, go to the park, shop, and exist on Earth, consisting of some form of biometric ID and approvals from various and myriad bureaucracies so necessary humanity cannot live without their total and utter domination as we always have before.

This is not acceptable. Humanity cannot actually persist under such centralized domination. Homo sapiens as we are today will become extinct. The mad diversity of means and ways to alter us and seek profit available to psychopaths with infinite wealth simply presents too broad an attack vector.

We will be destroyed by being enslaved to these psychopaths with all these various ways to harm us at their disposal.

We cannot allow these social oppressions to be imposed. We must defend our bodies, our minds, our rights, and our industry and commerce necessary to our lives from those that have set out to take them now.

Make no mistake. The banksters will employ governments during this pandemic to take all rights from us and render us utter slaves and property with which they can do what they want, when they want. If we are to live, we must remain men in control of our lives, communities, and world. They have already begun pouring $T's into their megacorporations while our jobs and businesses have been completely destroyed. As long as we allow money to control us, we are lost. They have all the money, and they have taken all of ours.

From Pacific to Atlantic, murderous governments have undertaken genocide of their own people and murdered hundreds of millions. We cannot allow that to happen again to humanity.

What are the things we need to do to prevent these things from happening?

All humanity shares in common the inheritance of our forebears blood and bones. We live in close symbiosis with life itself, from creepy spiders to crisp grass. As part of this immortal living thing life is we have purpose, and a design that fulfills that purpose. We can wrangle over the fine points of exactly our funtional niche in the ecosystem, but due to our nature as living beings, we have agency, needs, and abilities to interact.

It is fundamentally true that our nature is an aspect intrinsic to us, and necessary to our functional existence, and whether we were born in Japan or Germany, that is equally true for all of us. In regards to our rights and agency, we are absolutely equal before our creator.

Together we are society, and undertake civilization, commerce, and relations between peoples. Economic activity is our natural mode of existence, like our breath, an intrinsic feature of people. We have the right to exchange and undertake business with one another as much as we have arms made of flesh and bone.

No man has a right to force another. Slavery may be possible to powerful men, but there is no justification for it legally. No group of men can have rights any one of them does not, as all men have equal rights, and this because they are intrinsic to them. Groups of men don't create new rights that inure to the leaders of the groups.

No men have a right to prevent us from working, from conducting commerce, from walking on Earth as we will. If they seek to impose their will by force, we will have to resist. That will mean we will have to use force.

We are facing a slavery more profound than chains and whips can impose. These slavers are seeking not merely the work of our arms, and the sweat of our brow, they are intent on the very content of our minds, and the character of our souls.

With radio waves and chemical soups we have long been pacified, demented, and made harmless.

We have to take control of our environment, and we will have to hold ground to do that.

Vermont has prevented retailers from selling seeds to civilians. Community gardens are being forced to close. Food is made available to us by people with jobs. They aren't employed anymore.

>"While the state recognizes the importance of gardening as a source of food for many Vermonters, the ability to browse for seeds and purchase them in person doesn’t outweigh the risk of spreading the virus."

Prepare, or fall.

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