Censoring Hive: It's Happening Right Now

IMG source - github.com Don't let this become Hive! It's already happening here

One of my followers, @joe.public, is blacklisted by @markymark. To my knowledge @joe.public has never bought a vote, sold a vote, or spammed or scammed anyone. He's perhaps less than tactful at times, but lots of folks are.

He's currently blacklisted both through @buildawhale and via the #irredeemable's list. I have still seen comments he's made since then on my blog, as I follow him, despite having to click on them to open them up and read them. When I reply to his comments, my replies do not appear, despite the usual indication from Peakd that my comment was successfully sent.

Why am I being censored? I'm not on those lists, and there's no reason to put me on them or censor my posts and comments, yet that is an artifact of the blacklisting affecting @joe.public.


I very much think it's time for some pushback to the censorship ongoing on Hive that started on Steem.

I propose that folks be nominated for inclusion on official blacklists. This power to determine who can and who cannot speak in society is utterly totalitarian, and presently it isn't a community-wide decision. As far as I can tell it's solely up to @markymark if you are allowed to speak on Hive today.

That is absolutely untenable.

I propose that in order to blacklist someone on official blacklists like @buildawhale, if that hides posts, or #irredeemables, an HPS proposal needs to receive nominal votes for censoring that account to pass the return proposal.

I also propose that if the votes drop below the return proposal the blacklist be rescinded. Further, in the event someone is nominated for blacklisting they have the option to appeal through the HPS mechanism (with clear instructions, and even direct assistance if that is necessary - like public defenders in criminal courts), and if their appeal receives more votes than the return proposal, they are not blacklisted.

I here propose that all accounts on both lists be each individually (unless they are provably linked accounts) submitted to a public vote via the HPS mechanism. If they belong on the list, the blockchain will provide ample evidence those that listed them and want to keep them censored can share. If they haven't done such that the community will vote to censor them, they don't belong on blacklists!

It's time that secret police are no longer tolerated here on Hive. It's time for meaningful censorship resistance, and that such censorship as is caused by blacklisting with current tools be limited to openly discussed HPS proposals and only effected if the community of stakeholders so vote it beyond the return proposal.

I believe people currently are being totally censored and silenced on Hive out of nothing more substantial than personal dislike. I am being censored as a side effect!

Either we take the bull by the horns on Hive, or secret actions hidden from us will decide which of us speaks, and which of us are silenced without cause or appeal.

I do not know how to make an HPS proposal, which I am willing to do if I can figger out how. Any of you folks that know how and oppose censorship, this is a call for your assistance to create HPS proposal(s) to limit blacklisting as outlined above.

It's your voice at risk. Let's protect all our voices!

I've seen other folks silenced before, and would like to hear from them (I won't name you here, but you know who you are), if they're willing to step into the limelight on this issue.

I'd like to hear from @r0nd0n, who has run @freezepeach for years, and does so with the intention of preventing abusive flagging from becoming censorship. I'd like to hear from @jarvie and the @peakd team regarding censoring me (are you intentionally censoring my comments? If you're not - and you shouldn't be - how are you going to fix it?), and I'd like to hear from all consensus witnesses (and the rest of them as well) regarding their thoughts on this ongoing censorship of Hive. Just because you're not a witness or dappdev doesn't mean this doesn't matter to you. I wanna hear from YOU. Your voice is prevented from speaking to certain accounts right now. Why are YOU being censored?

It's not just happening to scammers, spammers, and low-lifes milking the rewards pool, or posting pics of their poop thousands of times. I'm being censored, and any of you that try to reach out to @joe.public will be too.

You are being censored right now on Hive, and cannot speak to @joe.public. Don't let that stand.


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I think that's everybody in the consensus I didn't tag above.

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