New Documentary by Top Level Hollywood Director Exposes Mind Control, Satanism, Child Abuse, Nazism, Jeffrey Epstein & more.

A new documentary called 'out of shadows' is going viral. It has been put together by a top level Hollywood film director and ex stuntman and is an overview of many of the topics I have been researching and exposing for very long time - including industrial scale child abuse that operates in Hollywood, the US (and other governments) and beyond.

This is the first time I have seen a high budget documentary from people with direct access to the top levels in hollywood come out and directly challenge the lies that have been told to deny these subjects in the mainstream media for so long. As a researcher and exposer of these topics for 15 years, I am glad to know that at least some people in the mainstream have integrity - I had mostly given up! Kudos.

Anyone interested in knowing more about how Jeffrey Epstein, for example, was connected to hundreds of high profile people, institutions and famous people who are highly likely to be still involved in child murder and torture to this day, should check out the Epic Jeffrey Epstein Network map - you can view an overview and find the link to the map here.

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Ura Soul

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