2018 The Media Wants You To Believe In...

Coming to the end of now 2018 and with Christmas just over but not without once again the Feminists being out in force wanting Christmas their way with a must have female Santa Clause's.
Apparently 1 in 4 people who are living in the US and UK want this change to happen for their future Christmas.
1 in 4 seems very high and have they not heard that we already have a Mrs Clause?
I guess Santa needs to give her the ol kick out of the kitchen routine from her usual baking the cookies because that is now seen as something degrading?
I mean regardless who really cares it doesn't stop women already wearing Santa's iconic suit, women have dressed as Santa for years..

Minus the beards yes...


As we are on the topic of festive things "Christmas" well it seems the Snowman apparently must also be gender neutral...many begin to question if this is just bullshit designed to create false outrage in people?
Are there really people arguing over such things or just the media messing with us?
Plus at this time is there no end to putting any other extra pressure on already very stressful moments in life.

Another seasonal idea perhaps put out there by the media to strike fear and confusion for both parents and children come's from "potheads".

Yes that's right during Halloween there are "potheads" looking to place edibles in your children's sweet Halloween candy buckets.

Now why would anybody do this I don't know.. but if this is indeed a thing I hope they realise just how expensive doing such a task is for these people as it would most likely bring them very little joy.. as most already aren't going to part with their greens for nothing and most likely "I hope not" for someone else's children.


We live in a world where it seems creating false outrage by any means is a must, $17 million was raised by civilians for Trump's wall..oh in 9 days! Cops keep killing people and dogs, kidnapping and unconsented human experimentation's, children dying either starvation or bombed, violence and crime continue on its way up.

Don't let the state owned media control ALL your thoughts and before we jump in to the end of 2018 remember it's not all bad, some amazing things are being done by this new generation its basically just easier for those in control to make everybody else hate and fear each other more than to have us holding and pointing our fingers at our own government to be accountable for anything..because obviously their system works just fine...


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