Kanye West - Saviour of Conservatism in Public Opinion?

Kanye West - Savior of Conservatism?

2 days ago on the 22nd of April, Kanye West shocked the world when he publicly showed support for black conservative speaker, Candice Owens.

For those of you who don't know, Candice Owens is a relatively famous conservative speaker who works with an organization called Turning Point USA, a conservative student advocacy group. She is most renowned for calling for black people to rise up and become self dependent, to stop relying on government handouts, and to stop playing the victim card. She has also heavily criticized the cop-killing organization Black Lives Matter as being a cancer to the black community. Video:

What Does Kanyes Actions Mean For Us?

As the know, the left has a strong presence in the entertainment industry, whether that be music or movies, almost everyone who has publicly shown their political standings, is anti-Trump and anti-Right. For Kanye to show the world his political opinion is a huge victory for conservatism, and could potentially see a wave of other actors and musicians follow his actions.

How Should We React?

It is important that the public provides support on social media platforms, just to make sure that it doesn't look like Kanye is drowning himself in a sea of leftist hatred. Candice Owens has requested an interview with Kanye, which at this point, may seem likely so we can look forward to that as well.

Thanks for reading! Please UpVote and spread the word. This has potential to possibly sway some opinions.

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