Things that caught my attention Week 10 of 2021

I'm experimenting with having a few things ready for my weekly Tuttle meet-up online. We've been doing it for nearly a year now and without meds I didn't really think about what might be interesting until just before. Lots of interesting things come out of it from other people, but perhaps I can... y'know... prepare!

So here are a few things (and links) that caught my attention since last Friday (March 5th 2021)

  • There was a lot of talk about NFTs of Tweets last weekend, much of it focusing on the bidding for a token of Jack Dorsey's first tweet. But despite the $2.5m bid it means little unless the deal ever gets accepted. I was wondering how much money has actually changed hands in these deals and how we would know. Check out the thread in the quote tweet too:

  • My friend Mike is a writer of quality sci-fi and horror. He started a newsletter this week, it comes out at Midnight on Mondays I think. First one was good. Sizemore's Substack

  • Did the patriarchy really crumble this week? Corporate Bleurgh on International Women's Day, the British press's treatment of Meghan Markle and the death of Sarah Everard in South London weren't very positive pointers - at least we're talking about it.

  • A year ago, we had totally no idea about the pandemic and potential lockdown. Maybe we'd have to take a couple of weeks off work, but it probably would die out before it got firmly established in the UK -

  • The UK government has said that there'll be no evictions during the pandemic, but squatters in Bristol don't count

  • I got my vaccination appointment - next Tuesday, with a follow up in June.

Well, we'll see how it goes tomorrow, this might be a useful, regular post for me.

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