WORLD CUP: Sport IS Politics

One of the most potent weapons in information war against the population of this planet is — the religion of sport!

Professional sport was never about health. It was about power and control. About money. About convincing people that the strongest thief has all rights over your life. You can see the evidence in the “Olympic Flame” movie (60 min).

Professional sport is not just unhealthy. It is deadly. Read more about it in the essay Olympism and Fascism by Philosophy PhD, Ljubodrag Simonovic. In his other books (like “The Last Revolution” right here) you can find the complete disrobing of the Olympic movement, as the most destructive information war tool aimed to steal your precious time and freedom.

Now you have to know — Football World Cup is FIVE TIMES bigger than Olympic games!

And for that monstrous circus Russia has paid 14 billion dollars. Wherever there is so much money, there must be politics and politicians. Do not believe if you hear famous phrase: “We do not mix sports and politics!”. Even if Putin says so. He has spent 14 billion dollars to improve image of Russia in the World — of course it’s politics!

That’s why Trump resorted to threats using the UN to make sure America gets to be co-host of the 2026 tournament. Of course it’s politics!

And fat plutocracy pawns will laugh counting your money while you are going to remember how Christiano Ronaldo has scored three times against Spain, but you will know nothing about USS “Liberty” for example. Or how US military has “lost” 21 TRILLION dollars. Tax money, yours dollars…

Let Polly Boiko explain the elements of the sports information war in less than three minutes:

Duration: 2:23

Oh, BTW, which is your favourite team?


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