Doping in Sports — Hiding the Truth Much Worse Than Doping Itself!

You haven't heard stories about the “Russian State Doping Affair” only in case you have lived under the rock. That's exactly how the corporate media wants it — while you are hearing that deafening noises, you can't hear the voice of reason…

The war has begun after Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014, and exploded in a wake of Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016, with a blanket ban for the Russian Track-and-Field team because of alleged “state sponsored doping”, following the “investigation” that did not provide a single shread of evidence. Soon after the games, hacking group Fancy Bears hacked into the World Anti-Doping Agency's Rio Olympics database, WADA itself confirmed. The hacked documents revealed that many American athletes were taking a banned substances while competing, but WADA kept that data secret!

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But in the shadows of “doping wars” with geopolitical undernotes, lies hidden truth about the true and dark nature of professional sports. IOC, WADA, CAS, all state OC's — it's not only a monstrous mechanism of destroying the bodies of athletes, but also an effective tool to keep population distracted, divided and ultimately under control!

The doping problem, and the problem of freeing your mind from the “sports dope”, can be solved in only one way:

Professional sports must be banned!

Philosophy PhD Ljubodrag Simonovic, author of the book “The Last Revolution”, which you can read here is a direct witness of a scandalous cover-up of a doping affair in the Olympic games in 1972, and a fierce critic of a criminal professional sports system.

Duration: 20:00

More details on the origin of Olympism you can find in his movie “Olympic Flame” (in four languages — English, Russian, Spanish and Serbian) and his text Olympism and Fascism.


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