BITCOIN: The Fever has Begun!

[Текст на српском] Only five days ago, we wrote about Bitcoin breaking the limit of $8000, and today already, on November 26th at 17:00 CET limit of $9000 has fallen! What are the reasons?

The main reason is, of course, announcement of a mass adoption at Wall Street, which means we could predict the explosion of Bitcoin's price without any dilemma. The capital squeezed from taxpayers around the world through the fraudulent mechanism of paper fiat currencies now needs to find a safe haven somewhere before the breakdown of the global financial system, established in 1944 in Bretton Woods. Precious metals are already under control, but their control can no longer solve the problem of reliable and fast payment in the global economy. Only the cryptos have left.

It is this feverish speed of rescuing the capital of the insatiable Wallstreet that accelerates the breakdown of the present global financial system. On its ruins will be built a blockchain world.

In the preceding text, we have merely expressed the possibility how Bitcoin could exceed that great psychological limit by the end of the year:

If this tempo is held, then we'll see Bitcoin at $10,000 by the end of the year!

But now there is no doubt that this will happen very soon. As we write this, Bitcoin has withdrawn from $9700 to $9400 (Source: Listen to the news and wait for that sound alarm…

How Much?10?
You know that feeling when you hear
Bitcoin just broke $10,000 limit?

As a reference to a crypto value, let’s see how is Bitcoin stands against the closest safe asset in a material world – Gold.

November 26th, 2017. 22:28 CET BTC to Gold Ounce
1 BTC = 7.13915 oz

Feel free to comment and deliver, newer & more accurate data.


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