BITCOIN: Entering the Mainstream

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[Текст на српском] Less than two weeks ago, we wrote about Bitcoin breaking the $6000 limit. How quickly the news go out of date! This morning Bitcoin broke the $7000 limit!

This growth, apparently, is a direct consequence of the announcement of the CME Group, the world’s largest options exchange, that it will begin trading in Bitcoin futures by the end of 2017. The CME Group owns the Chicago and New York Mercantile Exchanges, Chicago Board of Trade, Kansas City Board of Trade, and is a part-owner of the Dow Jones Indices. It's Wallstreet. It's Mainstream...

Despite everything, there are analysts who predict a “correction“ to $5000. Maybe. It would be nice. So it can be bought cheaply, because...

Sky is the limit

The current market capitalization of Bitcoin in circulation amounts to about $116 billion, which is a lot in the world of cryptos, but it's minuscule in comparison to the gigantic derivatives market that totals to the $639 TRILLION, and with a full force is hurling into the crisis. If even the tiniest fraction of those funds were to enter Bitcoin, it's value can rise to unimaginable levels. Since this was a clear signal that Wallstreet prepare “rescue” through cryptocurrencies, it is quite easy to predict Bitcoin's limit of growth: Sky is the limit!


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