BITCOIN: A new limit breakthrough!

[Текст на српском] At the moment when it was announced that SegWit2x hardfork was canceled, everyone was stunned by a sudden Bitcoin drop — from $7800 to $5500! It was expected that the cancellation of a potentially destructive hardfork would be followed by a new growth, and instead, the previous fork, Bitcoin Cash, breaks the ceiling while Bitcoin falls… only to come back even stronger!

On November the 16th, Bitcoin for the first time briefly “tested” the limit of $8000, and then on November 19, at 19:00 CET, it safely and steadily overtake it, stopping at $8244.696.

Almost as a rule, Bitcoin lately is growing by $1,000 every two weeks. On November 2nd, we set up a text about a $7,000 breakthrough, in which the first sentence describes Bitcoin breaking the $6000 limit, and what caused it to do so. Then, it was the announcement of the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) group, the world’s largest options exchange, that it will begin trading in Bitcoin futures by the end of 2017. A good deal of new growth is based on a fulfilling this promise — CME is beginning the trade on December 11th!

Another pretty important reason is the coup in Zimbabwe. The local dollar became completely meaningless in the historically unseen inflation rate, and Bitcoin reached a fantastic price of 13,500 US (reserve) dollars! It is impossible to find out from the mainstream media (MSM), but the whole of Africa is rapidly switching to “alternative payment methods”:

I mean the most advanced payment market in the world is Kenya, and the primary currency of Kenya is now no longer the government-issued one, the Kenya Shilling, it’s a prepaid cellphone minute known as M-Pesa.
— Brock Pierce, co-founder of Blockchain Capital, chairman of Bitcoin Foundation.

If this tempo is held, then we'll see Bitcoin at $10,000 by the end of the year!

How Much?10?
You know that feeling when you hear
Bitcoin just broke $10,000 limit?

As a reference to a crypto value, let’s see how is Bitcoin stands against the closest safe asset in a material world – Gold.

November 22nd, 2017. 18:04 CET BTC to Gold Ounce
1 BTC = 6.35342 oz

Feel free to comment and deliver, newer & more accurate data.


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