RE: Chloroquine, Covid 19, Fact Checkers, Pharmaceutical Companies, Vaccines and Lives Lost - Part 2

Irony in Disclaimers:

Many doctors can be qualified to talk about medicine and health and yet they can get things wrong. In many cases, those who are NOT certified in degrees can give better advice. Ultimately, disclaimers are silly, legal or not, as each individual is actually responsible. Imagine if the Devil had a disclaimer. Imagine the devil saying, "I'm not you, but go kill him." You go to court and you say the Devil made me do it.

Devil Made Me

The Devil then says in his defense, "But I had a legal disclaimer." But it was still murder. But the Devil didn't do it. Well, for sake of argument, let's assume the Devil didn't take control of his body to kill somebody.

Advice Made Me

See, advice is just advice. So, people always say, "I'm not a doctor." Or "I'm not a ....." fill in the blank. It comes back down to the left telling us identity politics. You are not a woman, so don't man-plain.

Hate Speech

Don't explain things they say because it is toxic and you don't know what it is like to be this or that. COVID is bad and globalism is worse. Big Pharma is very bad. They have doctors who will not say, "I'm not a doctor but..." Bad doctors can give bad advice.

Bad Advice Still Bad Even If

So, it doesn't matter if you are a doctor or not a doctor. What matters is if your information is good or not. I know, it is normal for everybody in the world and their mothers to say I am not this or that. It is kind of like slang. It is just something people do lol.

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