Alex Jones and my thoughts from over the years. More of the triangulation approach to news. Streisand Effect.

I know that Infowars can illicit a sneer from many people, or a knowing chuckle and shaking of the head as they treat anyone that looks at such a site as an idiot. They are demonstrating their pity for the person for their so obvious ignorance. Why would anyone listen to that nut, or read that drivel?

First so I can at least keep your attention until later in the post where I elaborate, I think Alex Jones is a jerk, ass, whatever negative term that you might use for someone conceited, arrogant, and narcissistic in nature. That doesn't mean I think he is someone we should censor or ignore, he often breaks important information and news.

With that said. I do not believe allowing myself to be conditioned to have a mental knee jerk reaction to ANY source for news is a good thing. It is a clue that my mind has been closed, and barriers to certain input have been erected. Now some people may view such barriers as a good or even great thing. Why? Are you afraid? Do you think that something they say will actually rot your mind? Can you listen to people you disagree with and still think for yourself?

If you can think for yourself and you don't let others do your thinking for you then why would there be any reason to close the doors to any source of information? Who told you that you shouldn't listen to Infowars or bashed Alex Jones? Was it you reacting to something you heard him say?

An interesting thing about Infowars compared to mainstream media is that it is pretty consistent. It doesn't really flip flop and act so much like a fair weather friend. It is also not driven by teleprompters.

As such you are watching people with news articles and other things to remind them of their talking points just talking. They talk several hours every day and they do it without teleprompters. If you did that day in and day out don't you believe it is likely we could find you saying some stupid things from time to time? How about if you say something that actually makes sense but, by editing and removing some of the context we can make you sound like a loon?

So why do you hold Alex Jones to a different/double standard? Could it be because you are comparing him to the mainstream that is heavily teleprompter driven, and "oops satellite problems" when they disconnect a guest who starts saying things they don't want to hear?

I check a bit from Infowars every day. Though I look at many other news sources as well. Some that I dislike a great deal I still check. Why? I am attempting a triangulation type of approach. If I get a lot of different data points on topics then it is my hope that I can at least mentally triangulate what is more likely to be close to the truth. This doesn't always work, but then I don't know of any technique that does always work. I do know that holding up your hand in front of people you don't like doesn't reveal the truth. It slants it in one direction on the triangle and shifts us further from the truth.

I will say that I've often seen Infowars release information well in advance of the rest of media. I've seen a lot of it laughed off as crazy until months later the mainstream media is saying the same thing and by then most people have forgotten than months ago they were calling Infowars crazy for talking about the same thing.

My dislike of Alex Jones

I believe that Alex Jones is telling you what he believes to be true. I believe he is a genuine person. Yet I also think he can be a bit of a jerk. That doesn't mean he is not a patriot, and doesn't care. People who care can still act like jerks. In fact, we all have the potential to act like jerks from time to time.

I believe that to solve a lot of the crazy problems in the world that it requires solidarity. I believe a lot of people with different ideologies, beliefs, etc need to find ways to work together to fix the problems of the world and stop the psychopaths that over generations have matriculated to the top of the global power structures.

I followed Alex Jones for awhile. I believe I encountered him for the first time somewhere between 2003-2005. I watched all of his documentaries as I thought they had things worth considering and they had information I couldn't find anywhere else. NOTE: I didn't say I believed them and fell for an "appeal to authority" fallacy. No, I listened, I considered, I often used them as starting points to go do my own digging. Often I didn't agree with some of the conclusions that Alex would make.

Then he did a special on Bohemian Grove. The content of the documentary was informative. That documentary was when I first saw what I consider a problem with Alex Jones. It happened when there were a bunch of "New Agers" protesting the Bohemian Grove. NOTE: I did not say Satanists or Luciferians protesting, which are terms Alex very much likes to use. There are a lot of VERY peaceful new agers. In fact, they often are more peaceful than most Chrisitians I encounter. Many of them do not endorse war for example. In the documentary Alex Jones showed what I consider one of his biggest problems for the first time that I had seen.

He took time in the documentary to blast and belittle the people that were protesting the SAME THING he was there to protest. Why? They were not Christian, and history shows that despite the peaceful message it is supposed to have it can be twisted into a very intolerant thing from time to time. This is not so much the Christianity, but human nature. Organized religions of ALL types seem to have points where they are intolerant of others. My issue with this was not me supporting Christians, or New Agers. My issue was that it shattered the idea of solidarity.

I believe the founding fathers of the United States of America were rather brilliant people. It is important to note they were not all Christians contrary to the myth people like to portray. The majority of them were some variant. Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and others were Deists which is not an organized religion. John Adams was a Universalist which today is merged within the Unitarian Universalist movement (UU). Universalism at the time of Adams was still very close to Christianity with a few differences. Namely it didn't buy into the HELL aspect as existing. Then there were Catholics, Protestants, and others. They realized something important, and it is this important thing that Alex is failing in.

If they condemned one religion, or elevated another then they would destroy their solidarity. They needed that solidarity to win the fight they had entered. They made "Freedom of Religion" a cornerstone of the movement. This was a key to keeping solidarity and letting them focus on the problems that had nothing to do with their religion.

Alex misses this and frequently he goes down the road of what I would call a "Bible Thumper". I respect the right of people to have their beliefs. I do not respect people forcing their beliefs on others. This means I also don't like what I call "Atheism Thumpers" as they can be just as bad.

This was the first sign I saw from Alex that I thought was a mistake.

Years later there was an anti-2nd Amendment movement in Austin, Texas where Infowars is located. Some local protestors got a permit and formed a rally to DEFEND the 2nd amendment. In other words, they were on Alex's side. They were protesting and had been for awhile and giving speeches on the capital building. Eventually here comes Alex Jones with his bullhorn. The lady that organized the protest tried to welcome him and tell him she was glad he was there, and he just kept shouting over his bullhorn. He then belittled her in what I consider a spectacularly arrogant fashion. It was at that point that I started considering him an arrogant asshole. That doesn't mean I still won't listen to him. He releases unique information. I do consider him a jerk though. I think he owed that lady and the other people there that he should have been in solidarity with a big apology.

Streisand Effect

I do consider today Infowars as on the front line of resisting global tyranny. I do not see Infowars as just Alex Jones. He is the seed for that organization and he is definitely the most bombastic. There are other people there now. Collectively, they are a pretty informative group. Yes, the bias is there, but as I said I use them as one of the points of trying to triangulate closer to the truth.

An interesting thing is that I believe a lot of the reason Donald Trump won the presidency was because people were finally waking up to the mainstream media trying to force feed them who they should elect, and tell them who was "unelectable" before any elections had even begun. Enough people were finally tired of it. If the mainstream media tells you that you should vote for X, then you probably don't want them unless you like the status quo and want no change. If the mainstream media tells you that someone sucks or you shouldn't look at them, then that person might be worth looking at.

They didn't learn from this. They keep triggering the Streisand Effect. For those of you unfamiliar with the term that is the process on the internet where by bashing, attempting to censor, etc something you instead greatly amplify the interest and attention for that topic.

I see the mainstream media, and the government frequently triggering this effect lately.

They did it with PizzaGate (now called PedoGate). I only half paid attention to PizzaGate until just briefly mentioning it resulted in massive censorship of great journalists like Ben Swann who had been covering very controversial topics for years, yet him saying "It seems to warrant an investigation" and not saying it was true or false was sufficient cause to virtually scrub him and years of work from the internet. I started paying attention to Pizzagate then. Streisand Effect.

Lately their attacks on Alex Jones seem to always result in a Streisand Effect. They don't seem to be learning from it either.

The recent folk song video they worked hard to put together against him was a great example. Alex Jones loved the song, played it on air, laughed, sang along with it, and showed the context for all of the things they used as lyrics which sound really bad when taken out of context.

He went so far as to have a contest which is currently going for $20,000 for people to make their own version of the same song, with the same exact lyrics. So far there have been heavy metal, country, folk, techno, rap, and many other versions.

This was a massive Streisand Effect and their attack song was actually great publicity for Alex Jones and Infowars.

It has been stated they are starting a new comedy show that is supposed to be a comedy hit piece where the main character is basically Alex Jones. Sounds like another Streisand Effect waiting to happen to me.

The recent John Oliver comedy hit piece on Alex Jones. Likely another Streisand Effect. While it was amusing, it did have it's flaws. Such as the color of the Caveman Bone Broth that Alex Jones drank and the color of the one John Oliver drank. They were not close to the same. That was a clue the preparation was different. Whether the stuff tastes bad or not, I don't know. I've never purchased anything from the Infowars store. I may at some point if they have something I want.

Another thing that John Oliver and Mainstream media are attacking Infowars and Alex Jones for is them advertising products in their store. This advertisement has increased from what it once was. Yet it is less than the commercial breaks on mainstream media to sell you all the big pharmaceutical company garbage. "You might want this product A, because it can help with B. Though beware side effects may include Q, R, S, T , U , V, W, X, Y, and Z."

So instead we have to listen to Infowars tell us occasionally about their products, which honestly sound a lot nicer than the crap in the commercials. Also keep in mind they attacked his chance at monetizing videos on places such as youtube and tried to kill off funding that way.

Now you may be thinking "John Oliver doesn't have commercials". You would be right, but it is on a channel that you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to. So it actually has a guaranteed revenue stream. Without that guarantee it wouldn't be in business without advertisement.

So when laughing and poking fun at the Infowars commercials (which I do too with friends) keep in mind that those are the commercials for that broadcast. From that perspective it is not unusual and it even makes sense. With their revenue streams being controlled and cut off by the opposition it is one of the only things they can do. For now.

I think that's about all I have to say on Alex Jones and Infowars at this time. There was a lot I wanted to say as you can see.

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