Video of what appears to be a man being confronted and eventually assaulted by medical staff over the threat of a forced injection?

Wow, okay... So... I've been trying to avoid posting negative/stressful news/info for a couple of days as some of you might have noticed... And I've seen a lot of very "negative/stressful" or concerning things I wanted to share, though, I restrained myself and waited... Until now.

This one kind of took things to another level in certain ways.
I couldn't find anything about this on Google, not aware of any news sites reporting this and only found a few other mirrored videos on YouTube with a few hundred views each and no more than a couple days old... Does anyone out there on social media know more info about this...?

Regardless of what side you may fall on in regard to this issue, I think it's important to talk about either way and... I think this discussion has just sort of been more forced by a man in a hospital and a medical team who acted sort of like police enforcers and got physically violent.

There isn't really a lot of context to the video and our information about this is very limited... I'm going to explain what I saw in the video real quick from my personal perspective, and I suggest you watch it yourself and come to your own conclusions.

In the video there's a guy in a hospital somewhere it looks like with numerous medical staff in the room trying to talk to him, but, also sort of blocking the door... The "patient" I'll refer to him as, seems a bit umm "out of it". Numerous times I think he says he's not on drugs as I'm guessing the medical people asked that because of his behavior?

The patient keeps repeating himself and making some dramatic sort of claims about things like the revolution starting because of this and even telling the people who are watching the video to "bring guns"... However, this was all after it appears that they tried to forcefully inject him with something?

Is there even a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus out yet? I don't think there is... Like... What are they trying to inject him with?
He keeps saying that he doesn't give his consent or permission to be injected.

He claims he just went in because he was feeling a bit sick and had a cough, but, didn't want to get injected and then...
Eventually after a long drawn out exchange which didn't seem to progress much beyond "let us inject you" and "no".
Eventually it gets violent and the camera is knocked so we can't see, but he continues to scream and... It's disturbing.

He speaks a different language at some parts and appears to show some knowledge of the occult and underground info.
Medical peoples say they don't think he has the capacity to make medical decisions? And force him to the point of him screaming? He seems very intelligent to me despite being a bit "out of it" and repeating himself and saying some provocative things.

One of the medical individuals says they are scared he is going to leave and infect others, but, based on the conversation they don't even know if he has it or not as he hasn't been tested yet?

I really doubt this is fake, or like some kind of actor skit to "punk"/"trick" people... I highly doubt it.
I suppose it could possibly be like a psy-op or something... Though, I kinda think it's real.

He keeps saying things like "Shit's going to change today"... "Start a revolution"...
Time will tell if anything broader happens because of this, though, I know a LOT of people who want nothing to do with a forceful injection.

If this becomes... Some kind of mandated policy by politicians to forcefully vaccinate or inject people, things could get much more ugly much more quick... Let's hope this was a weird isolated incident and not indicative of some kind of new norm.
Legislation in this the direction of this kind of policy I think could very likely lead to a civil war...

In final, I just wanna say that... I may not agree with a lot of what the "patient" says, however... I do agree with some of it and I think it's wrong to force people in such ways.

I believe in freedom, especially when it comes to what myself and others put into our own bodies and I have good reason to be suspicious of untested chemicals, metals, viruses and other mysterious things potentially being injected into myself or others.

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