NeWb??? What is NEWB? Come with me and I will show you......


Welcome to my blog once again, tonight we have an amazing community we will be discussing but its NOT only a community but a very well thought out platform and you guessed it with the name NEWB it is for the NOOBS...

As we move forward in this fast #Cryptocurrency future there are MANY many rug pull #crypto platforms taking the limelight, we have some projects that have fully went in and dropped all they had to get people to buy in to these projects just to lock wallets and take the profits.... LETS HELP YOU AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS

This happens often but NOT with great projects such as *NEWB.

Lets take a dive into this project and see how amazing it truly is, what their goal is and what is the benefit from having #NewbToken in your wallet shall we....

#NewBToken is a complete new project aimed at helping educate new beginners who have an interest of getting into the #cryptocurrency markets, they have an amazing team behind this project and they have 1 goal in mind to HELP the community, if that doesn't already have your attention let me continue with the reasons you should be checking out this project!

The team is 110% transparent meaning that they will NOT hide anything from you and they are not out to misinform you nor the community about anything as a matter of fact they have their AMA(Ask Me Anything) coming up tomorrow night.

No more than just a few days old April 29th 2021 to be exact, they have already had a full audit done an they mean serious business, I would have to say its awesome having a community like this that so driven on protecting people and their investments, while others are luring people in to take their hard earned money.

#NewbToken is a complete #DeFi coin and platform built on the BSC network and it is a beautiful project that rewards their hodlrs with airdrops and the tokenomics speak for the selves(listed below)

Total Supply: A: 9,971,999,527,404

1% Redistribution to all holders

5% Liquidity

1% Burnt

Now that's some awesome #Tokenomics right there, in case you're wondering what Tokenomics is I have provided a link for you to do a little more studying...

"#Tokenomics consists of two words “Token” and “Economics.” Tokenomics is the quality of a token which will convince users/investors to adopt it and help build the ecosystem around the underlying project of that token" - quoted from

This platform and company is definitely a game changer in the world of #Crytpocurrency and #Blockchains, with the goals to expand the crypto universe and help #Newbs get into crypto the right and educated way. As I stated above they reward their holdrs and one of the ways they do that is by a Learn and Earn concept some platforms have adapted to but not quite as unique as Newb is, with a multipurpose functional website there will be fundamentals there to educate Noobs on their new journey into the #Crypto space while being given the opportunity to earn #Newb tokens for putting themselves through the educational products Newb has to offer, its not just to discover what crypto is its also targeted for crypto veterans, traders and content creators alike to come to the platform and help educate the beginners on what to look for and what to avoid in their journey and help prevent them from bein taken for their investments!

One really awesome addition they is their website duals as a digital wallet, the key concept is to securely keep your funds safe and move them through the blockchain with no hassle or worries.

I have become a part of this community and none of what I write here was asked of me I did this on my own will because I completely believe in this projects future and the goals they have set out, the team is amazing they take community feedback very seriously, offering a voting system for the community to take place in every step of the journey they lay out, they are very proactive extremely caring and the leader is a gentleman and a scholar, you should go find out for your self with the link below to the #Telegram community.

They want you to realize what Transparency is supposed to look like so below I have listed context directly from their reddit page

As proof of our transparency, wallets are posted below. See BSC Scan to see transfers:

Project wallet


Founding Angel wallet


Team wallet


Community rewards wallet


Airdrop wallet


LP wallet


They have listed all of the wallets so you can track the Transactions coming and going from each one of these wallets.

All in all I give this project a 10/10 as they are still brand new the Whitepaper is still being worked on but I will provide you with the proper links to point you in the proper direction.

Therefore you can do your own due diligence and see why this is a great opportunity to become a #NewbHoldr and join the community that's for the community also lets take a look at some of the testimonials from some of the community members!!!!

Hi there,

This is my short testimonial:

”I have to say this community is so much nicer than any other investment group I have been in. There is no mean bullshit or anything like that. This is honestly positive group and that is refreshing. This feels like I’m with friends.”-JP

👍 CEO, admins, team leader, active community members ❤ all so great! Everyone working hard, having fun, polite and helpful! Only one wish. More active community members to join discussion, answer votes, get really in to newb. There is no stupid questions, no stupid ideas. Its only stupid not to open mouth and keep it in your self

Ask, learn, educate others, be the newb, feel the newb, change the crypto world-"Jari K


newb 7.jfif



Hope you guys like this article as mush as maybe you will find #Newb to be a new home of yours possibly today or in the future, below you can find the website url and the link to their twitter as well as the poocoin charts.

Newb Website:

Newb #Reddit:

Newb Listing on #PancakeSwap:

NEWB #Twitter


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