My Application to Newbies Initiative

I was going through my feed when I stumbled on a reblog by one of my followers. The post was about a certain initiative called the Newbie initiative. The fact that I saw the word, newbie, and I was new made me click the link
Meet iska, a participant in the newbies initiative

I found out it was an initiative directed towards guiding people like us around hive. I am pleased as I write this because I am sure I would have been struggling with building my blog on my own. With the initiative, I have a feeling, the journey will be a smooth one

I am glad that the organizers have single us out for the training while having our growth at the back of their minds.

I am pleased to know that in the next 3 months my experience on hive will be different and that I will be able to grow past the level that I am currently at, both in reputation, learning, and knowledge-wise.

Initially, while I was preparing to write my application post for this initiative, I had an HP of 16 and it was delegated to me by the giftgiver, currently, I have a total of 28HP, and that is because the extra 12 had been delegated to me by @aliento, one of the executives.
My reputation and current HP

Additionally, I started with 25 as reputation, then, moved to 33 upon writing my introduction post, this morning, I woke up to 35, and the latter number is my current reputation

I am joining the initiative because I want to learn how I can grow on hive, and how I can do it faster, that way, I will be able to dine with all the eagles here.

I do not want to be found wandering around and trying to make sense of the community, instead, undergo vigorous training, to better understand hive as a whole.

I am optimistic that I will not be found lagging in any of the things that I am asked to do. I will do all of them with all amount of zeal, commitment, and enthusiasm.

I enjoin you to follow me if you are looking to read beautiful and heart-touching life experiences from the horse's mouth. That is what my blog will be about. Me.

I will take you through memory lane, giving you access to all the journeys of my life, citing all possible obstacles, and how I was able to overcome them.

Knowing this, my blog will be diverse, you will find it interactive, thought-provoking, insightful, and full of lessons.

I will be pleased to have you in the comment box of my posts, as I will always make out time to respond to all your observations, questions, and thoughts.

I have a wandering spirit, do not be surprised if you find me almost everywhere, surely, you will find me in all my favorite places, blogs, and contents.

See you around. Thank you for reading.

PS: if you are new, or you have a reputation below 65 and 500 hive power, consider joining us in this initiative, there is a place for all of us. Read the details for your participation here.....Newbie initiative

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