Liberal hypocrisy in 2 protests

The bluecheck propagandists of Twitter tend to live in NYC. These Ministry of Truth hacks are demanding that Americans simply lose their jobs and suffer in silence.

The media is so invested in provoking an unnecessary-but-politically-useful depression that they're wishing death on Trump supporters just for... observing the current local rules about social distancing.
National Media Uses Fake News Photographs to Depict Beachgoers in Jacksonville, Florida as Violating Distancing Rules

It has always been real Americans versus democrats; this Chicom Flu should make this all the more obvious

As liberals scream and shriek about Americans concerned for their economic lives, democrats deem protest "non-essential", and have protesters arrested.

New York City, the biggest hotspot in America, is exempting itself from the rules it demands for counties in which only a dozen people have had coronavirus.
National Media Uses Fake News Photographs to Depict Beachgoers in Jacksonville, Florida as Violating Distancing Rules

So when a bunch of homosexuals in NYC get mad that Christians are actually helping people (instead of virtue signalling on Twitter), they don't get arrested as THEY protest.

Americans are getting tired of this shit. Most of us recognize the potential danger of COVID19, but we aren't going to destroy ourselves for the perpetually wrong Democrat party, and their desire to destroy the economy to "get trump" and/or punish Trump voters (you don't see liberal politicians or government employees, or their pet welfare parasites losing THEIR fucking checks, do you?)

But the use of the double standard, more than anything else, should convince you that the democong are not serious about the danger of ChiCom Flu.

The same people saying that protests are non-essential are the same people who said it would violate the Constitution to quarantine people from the New York City area to the New York City area.

Andrew Cuomo, hero of the fascist lockdown lobby, threatened to provoke a Constitutional crisis if Trump sought to limit New Yorkers' holy right to export the plague to other states.

  • Short digression - I think Trump should have called him on that. I'd love to see Fredo the Second dangling from a traitor's gallows.

Why is it the Ruling Class is busy demanding lockdowns for others while accepting no restrictions at all for themselves?
Ace of Spades

Col. Kurt Schlichter has the answer, They Can’t Stop Us from Re-Opening America

You got police departments tweeting that protest isn’t essential, but apparently being petty fascists is.
Yeah, I know the Wuhan bug is still out there, but we’ve got it under control now. We’re going to start getting back to normal, although the Democrats will have to be dragged kicking and screaming because they love this. Power, economic devastation, and the ability to boss people around and oppress them these are the things they live for.
It’s time to reevaluate all the globalist jerks who sold us out to China – hi Hoover Biden! And it’s time to reevaluate all the Lil’ Himmlers who enjoyed this all way too much.

But first we’ve got to re-open America, and that’s going to happen faster than you think.

IMO, Col. Schlichter doesn't go far enough...this country will never be economically or socially secure until these demoleeches are wiped from the political sphere

You either keep a boot on the neck of the left, or rest assured, they WILL put one on yours

Afterword - this is a particularly angry post, and I am aware of this fact. I am not all that apologetic regarding it. I really don't give a fuck what happens to liberals outside my own family. That is something these pompous do-gooders have bought with progressive intensity since 2012.

This anger is what has kept me from writing or responding to comments very much lately; I am afraid I will go too far as far as advocating specific actions. Since I am already brain dead from grad school work, my filters are definitely off.

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