Coronavirus 19: The Monday Meme, Mostly Medical Edition

Today's edition will start off with poking some fun at 2 Dear Leaders (i.e. commie pieces of shit), Chairman Xi and Quid Pro Joe.

There is some good news at the end.

As always, the smartassed commentary is mine, but the pics were ruthlessly stolen from 4chan and ace of spades.

I think we need to start calling it the Chicom Flu


because whether or not the release was intentional, the CCP not only own-goaled themselves, but hit the rest of the world as well


But however hard the CCP tries, it can never match the incompetence of Quid Pro Joe


or of his Party komisars


"but but the experts!"


and especially the experts that aren't really #fakenews


A preview to good news

no source

Which begs the question

note that the question isn't about effectiveness, it is about MOST effective

So why is a media that so often echoes CCP talking points so dedicated to attacking even the idea of HCQ (Hydroxychloroquinine)? I mean, there are studies showing that it works, even if they aren't rigourous enough at this point, there are still NO studies showing HCQ to be ineffective

let's ask some 4channers, shall we!

  • The follow the money view

Why the fuck is the media attacking Hydroxychloroquinine

Probably because it's cheap and works, and Bill Gates and Soros won't make any money and won't get their bill passed through if people know about its effectiveness

  • The benevolent overlord interpretation

It's like when they knew masks were effective but deliberately lied about it - the public health authorities, and the media, feel entitled to lie when they think the overall aggregate situation demands it.

Here is how they reason it out:

If people think the drug works, some people will try to get their hands on some quantity of the drug
Others with some symptoms but with no confirmed test result will demand that their doctors prescribe them the drug
A shortage of the drug will develop
The moment it's public knowledge that there's a shortage, we can the "run on masks" / "run on toilet paper" phenomenon all over again, except this time for the drug

Always remember at any given moment in time that the public health authorities, and the media, think that they are "being responsible" by aiming for the "greatest good for the greatest number", and if that means they have to lie to you and you have to die, that's just what it means.

I wonder if the public wouldn't panic so easily if they had some proof that the government/media weren't a pack of incompetent and partisan jackanapes and poltroons

  • The orange man bad viewpoint

The media and leftists are attacking HCQ because Trump suggested using it. That is quite literally the one and only reason. If Trump said "rape is bad" there would be a Slate article within the hour talking about how rape is an important part of many Middle Eastern cultures

Because Trump said it could work.
Really, its that simple. If Trump said hydroxychloroquinn was crap, the media would be for it.
You have to understand something, the media aren't these unbiased truth tellers. They are part of the resistance.
This Coronavirus pandemic is probably their last chance to get Trump. If they can't make Trump look bad on this, he will most likely be re-elected. The Democratic candidate has dementia for god's sake.
This is their last chance to get Trump, and they know it.

Out of the three, I tend to agree most with the orange man bad viewpoint, HOWEVER, there is probably some truth to all three viewpoints (and others I didn't bring up). I keep saying that human situations are complex and have many factors contributing to them.

the same democong attacking HCQ earlier (presumably on orange man bad viewpoint grounds) are now begging for more of it (see crawl at bottom of screenshot)


Is it as bad as projected?


Its horseshit. The growth starts to slow after about 2 weeks in every major urban area. New yorks deaths and cases have been dropping for like 3 days now and they never even made it to lombardy numbers.

This virus might be deadly, sure. But it's super fucking easy to avoid apparently. The growth in NYC is no longer exponential, and like a quarter of the population there doesnt even respect the lockdown and goes out together anyway.

This virus was a weak bitch that got beat by the half ass measures of a divided government.

And while it may be bad, it is nowhere as bad as those with a vested political interest in economic damage would have it


so, yes, it is bad. I can't tell you that had we done things differently, the result would be better or worse. I can only point out the constant whining, lies, and hypocrisy of the democrats (and the media they worship (and the CCP that they in turn worship))

I do think there are going to be some serious societal changes as a result of this, and some long term economic damage...that IMO would have happened sooner or later

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