My frist $5.40 art material...🎨🎨🎨

Hi, my ambition to be an artist is on the way 😀 ... yesterday I received art materials from amazon. These things are very new to me, I came to know about the blending stump and kneadable eraser from the tutorials I gone through. I decided to buy them to get practiced, so inquired around the shops in our town where there it is not available.

I ordered in amazon, there are many brands with varying prices. As a beginner I look for something cheap, I found this combo pack which is little bit cheaper than buying separately. Reviews are not so bad, so I ordered it.


I tried a quick sketch, as I am gaining some basic shading knowledge and drawing skills, drew this thing without referring any images. Used the eraser and stump to know how it works. In my opinion the stumps are working good with blending, but the eraser is not that much efficient. In those tutorial videos the eraser is awesome along with the stump. May be I am not having that knowledge to use them, now I am on the way to learn "how to use blending stump and kneadable eraser." 😀
After practicing well I planned to buy the top rated and priced things. Now my how to draw ear session is going on. If time allows I will learn the techs soon and post the 'ear'.😀

Thank you people. Have a good day