LEGO Day With Monkey-B 🏗️ Keeping My Inner Child Alive 👷👷‍♀️ & Some Bad Humor Too


Monkey-B approached me today to let me know that nobody ever plays with her anymore, so I told her to go grab the LEGOs and get creative.

👳‍♂️ Dad Still Knows How To Play

     Due to the fact that 100% of our family income is a direct or indirect result of our Hive earnings, it's hard to tell Monkey-B I am not free to play at any given time. Hive has given us the ability to be self-employed regardless of our location, although the high cost of living and US dollar shortage in Suriname hasn't allowed us to live comfortably from these earnings yet.


     Now that my wife and I have decided to separate so that we can be together again in Cambodia, I have been getting in the habit of doing some of the things I will be free to do in Cambodia after we reunite. Our passive income from yield farming beyond Hive is already enough to keep our heads above water in Cambodia.


     This means when I return to Cambodia, Hive will no longer be a job where I feel I must post every day or lose more of our savings. I think this economic freedom will make Hive new, fresh, and more fun than it has ever been before. With this in mind, I tried to build a tuk-tuk from LEGOs, and it was a partial success.


     After figuring how to make a three-wheeled frame, I began randomly adding pieces until an idea crystalized in my head. The recent Haitian migrant crisis in Texas reminded me of why there is much less food in Suriname. The Haitians that arrived in Texas illegally left from Suriname because the conditions here for them were unlivable.


     Suriname lost its greatest asset when the Haitians left, for they alone were responsible for a major chunk of the food production here. I was saddened to see how they were greeted in the USA, met with horses and whips, creating scenes reminiscent of things I hoped were 400 years in the past.

🛺 The Anti-Migrant LEGO Squad 👮


     Wait a minute, this post is about LEGOs, I promise. While Monkey was working on her house with many hidden rooms, I began creating an anti-migrant scene with my LEGO vehicle and some other pieces. Because we've been stranded abroad for three years, I decided to turn my tuk-tuk into an anti-migrant vehicle complete with onboard detention facilities.


     So here it is, my masterpiece. The horseback and anti-migrant tuk-tuk are holding back some other fellow LEGO people from crossing an imaginary line created by other LEGO people who lived hundreds of years ago. The LEGO migrants are pleading that this is one house, and that when their grandparents were alive there was no boundary between the kitchen and living room.


     With some kind of futuristic racist handheld laser cannon and a megaphone, the leader of the anti-migrant squad reminds the LEGO migrants that he and his team are only doing their job, just enforcing the law. The LEGO migrants counter by reminding him that they are all made of the same Danish plastic.


     The LEGO migrants ultimately turn back, deciding not to go somewhere where they are not welcome. Little did the anti-migrant squad know, while they were distracted with the LEGO ladies, several hundred other fellow LEGO migrants managed to cross over 10 tiles to the east.


     Monkey-B was not amused at all by humor, and she kept increasing the size of her lady fortress, which apparently is some kind of K-Hole mansion or suicide cult, I'm not sure. Perhaps everyone is just sleeping too, maybe my imagination is getting the best of me.


     Okay, sorry for getting way off topic, I had originally planned for cute LEGO post. Well, that is the beauty of Hive, I can be real with you all instead of trying to appeal to a mainstream group of readers. This post was inspired by the twisted humor of @davidke20 and the storytelling abilities of @vincentnijman.


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