Quest for a Community #TradeitForward (Giveaways Galore)


The crazy thing is I was ready to quit blogging and just stop everything due to a conflict that occurred on the Splinterland's discord servers. There was an altercation where I was trying to do a favor for someone and it ended up greatly backfiring in my face when the dude just kept rushing me when it was his funds that didn't work or was stuck in limbo. During the whole time he was just being very disrespectful so I sort of chose a poor response to the whole situation. That's when a community member stepped in and just gave the dude a random GF card worth more than what he had "paid" for which that lead me to be infuriated because he was literally rewarded for being a bad person. When a Moderator stepped in saying that I needed to explain myself as if it did not just feel like I was fighting a whole community myself over $15... (which by the way I sent 1.5k dec worth more than the 15$ at the time to maverick to giveaway as it wasn't about "ripping" someone off but teaching an individual a lesson). Well I won't go too deep into the story but that is the TLDR and what to spend this post on more uplifting messages/action steps.

gary vee execution.jpg

What this post is about is how I ended up back into blogging and before I start I'd like to start by saying Gary Vee is the reason I first started on this amazing deep dive into crypto's and this NFT world. is where his community is and if you guys do not know who he is yet, you should deep dive as that man is truly remarkable and someone I look up to and aspire to become like in this development process at the same time maintaining and figuring out what my personal identity was. This guy truly saved my life when I was at my darkest of times...

(Oh yeah most people give their link cause of what's in it for them, but for me its just seeing the process happen anyone who signs up through that link just message me here or on discord and I'll delegate you several cards as I'm not in it for the 500 credits lol) (Splinterland's discord here to make it easier for some people)
The real NFT gaming and deep dive really started here. It was my guild members at Infinity who really made me stay in Splinterlands because I bought it as a crypto play a couple months back but got locked out and had a REALLY bad customer service experience so I quit... but after some time in Axie and Gods Unchained I ended up coming back to Splinterlands but this time I decided to give the community more of a chance. This definitely has one of the mort robust communities out there with many people who have a great heart. I am just choosing to no longer participate in the discord due to the recent fiasco which angered me tremendously, but I still support this game as a whole as they are really doing some revolutionary stuff and has a far more intricate system them most people realize or understand to appreciate. Hope to see some of you at (hosted by splinterlands themselves) if not go check it out.


Next step of the journey leads us here into the network which is truly remarkable in and within itself. Off the gate I was introduced to the terminal in which I met some truly amazing people (Kitty, @stayten, Wes, and @brittandjosie). There I ended up learning so much about this wonderful ecosystem we literally stayed up talking lambos on magic carpets... which later Kitty even turned to an emote. Next up we go to the Pizza discord where @thebeardflex , @hivetrending, @dibblers.dabs , and many others are always making it rain <3 in the channel, but I think the most important rain is the amount of gifs that just brings a smile to my face. I think the little details are often what is missed in this evolving world of statistics and insanity. We aren't simply just 1's and 0's but people behind the community screens with real feelings and emotions. Not to mention getting to meet people like @flauwy over at 1UP who supported me early on and not to mention @traciyork for all she does for the community for hivepud (She even reached out to me to make sure I was okay and kept making sure if I wanted to turn down the award lol never thought I had to fight to turn something down before, but that little extra step is what makes me think she is amazing not for what she is giving out or what she does for this community at large)

Now the reason for this next section and why I used this particular picture is after leaving my guild behind not because they did anything wrong, but in a way I was a bit hurt as during the whole fiasco I was standing up for over $15... it almost felt as I had to tackle on the whole community alone, but within the guild people like kingtaco, zephyrzero, quizzlescoop, @sgbonus, and many others that participated really helped push me through all of this so I ended up leaving the guild to them so that it would be in good hands. As I explored the top guilds Splinterlands has to offer it lead me to check out The Guild of Neoxian which lead me to their and chatgroup where I won a random guess the number contest which qualified me for a $20 upvote from @Neoxian aka Mr. Dragon (Maybe this was a trap to get me blogging again and I guess it worked cause it really sparked a topic of discussion for me) If I understand correctly this entitles me to $10 of it as I will be getting half so $10 = to 50+ of the pictured cards up top so go ahead and leave a comment with your username and the card you'd like above and I'll be giving the first 50 people that respond to this the card of their choice (please include a second option in case I run out of the first and maybe even a third option if not I will select randomly for you)

UPDATE: Neoxian decided to downvote the upvote given and downvote multiple of my posts because he disagreed with one of my posts just revealing his actions and me leaving guild.

Honorable mentions as I started discovering random projects especially ones like Dracodice ( I was just shy of 6 wax to purchase a 5 major pack bundle so I can be qualified for the many collabs that they had. Only if I had learned about them sooner and decided to write about this so can get them a bit more awareness but the team there especially Zach, mrfunguy, and many more amazing people on that server. I think when looking at a project the collabs they have says a lot as their visions towards the future, but not only that it wasn't a game that was going to b e here in 2022-20??, but a game we could see already being made and can see live videos of them playing it. Deep diving into their collabs lead me to also find out about Ken at who is out there making some moves looking at a bigger picture I'd look at the altcoin he has at ($Kenn) NFA but when finding projects I like to back the people/team behind it more than anything else in this whole space of mystery and founders using simple pfp as their displays.

aaa kenny.PNG
That's just something to show you I'm not just someone that talks about a project, but I back it up with my own decisions and actions. You can actually go convert on alcor and get a slight discount vs paying the $420 in wax at the current moment at least but who knows if it will stay that way.

My goals is simply to build a brand/communities and I did not write this for the simple upvote, but this topic was truly something that I found exceptional important and I hope it was able to open your eyes on hunting for the right communities and projects to join. Sometimes exploring these spaces can be rather mysterious and quite stressful at times so I hope this has helped some of you break out your shell just a little bit and explore some of these wonderful communities. I know sometimes all of these projects can get a little bit expensive and time consuming, but you just have to ask yourself where you want to be and the risks you are willing to take.
All of this gave me more confidence in splinterlands and the crypto space as a whole so I will be scaling at least 5 digits into this game not only as a thank you for this rabbit hole into infinity, but because I believe if this team does it right it can literally cement itself in history as one of the biggest blockchain games.

hnpvu.wam is my wax wallet in case you would like me to look into other wax projects but at the moment dracodice and brobro will probably consume most of it. (ALL of what I receive here I will be writing about and giving it back just make sure to post in here please or pm me about it as I have quite a bit of transactions going on at any given day)
I plan on using this platform as a way to continue to expand the Brand I am trying to build and as a way to #tradeitforward all the little rewards along the way and as a way to develop/grow myself into the person I want to be and be proud of.

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