1500 DUNK Contest NBA Finals Game 2

Daltono NBA finals edit.jpg

Image Source: @daltono

Hey everyone,

You know what time it is. Time to toss in your predictions for the game tonight. Hopefully we won't have any site errors like the other night and we will be able to react and predict while watching the game like we usually can!

Remember the stakes have been upped, 1500 DUNK to the winner and 100 DUNK to every participant if a certain event takes place!

1 point: Pick the winner (PHX -190)

1 point: Pick the spread winner (PHX -4.5)

1 point: Pick the over/under (220.5)

1 point: Who scores more points, Giannis or Booker?

1 point: Who records more assists Chris Paul or Jrue Holiday?

100 DUNK bonus for all participants if Brook Lopez and Mikail Bridges combine for 4 or more made three pointers!


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