1500 DUNK CONTEST!!! NBA Finals

Daltono NBA finals edit.jpg

Source: @daltono

Let's gooooooo!

Nba Finals are here and I am absolutely ready to see it happen. To celebrate, we are upping the stakes on all of our remaining contests for the season.

This will be a 1500 DUNK contest with 100 DUNK bonuses for everyone who enters if a specifc scenario turns out to be true!

Let's do this:

1 point: Pick the winner (PHX -270)

1 point: Pick the spread winner (PHX -6.5)

1 point: Pick the over/under (219.5)

1 point: Who will score more points, Middleton or Booker?

1 point: Who will record more made field goals, Lopez or Ayton?

100 DUNK bonus for everyone who guesses if Chris Paul records a double-double!

Good luck to everyone! Thanks for using Dunk Social!


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