1000 DUNK Contest Hawks v Bucks Game 3

giannis trae.jpg

Let's do it again folks! Not to bias anyone, but after a huge blowout, these lines are wildly close in my opinion...

1 point: Pick the winner (MIL -185)

1 point: Pick the spread winner (MIL -4.5)

1 point: Pick the over/under (223.5)

1 point: Will Trae Young record a double-double?

1 point: Who scores more points, Brook Lopez or Clint Capela?

50 DUNK to all entrants if Gallinari makes all of his free throws (if he attempts zero you all win I guess LOL)

There is another contest for the game tonight by @raulmz that can be found here https://dunksocial.io/contest/@raulmz/nba-hawks-vs-bucks-g3-prediction-game-contest-everyone-wins-dunk

It's all free money, so be sure to enter!

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