How to Grow a Pear

These are pics from a Bartlett pear tree that is starting to bear fruit. I grew this tree from a small tree and roots, which I planted about 3 years ago.


After a bit of research, I learned that pear trees do best in a location that has direct sunlight. If fact, they prefer to get a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight per day, if possible. For this reason, I picked a location away from buildings or other nearby trees, which would cast a shadow on the pear tree.

As for the soil, they prefer to be in soil that is slightly acidic. I also fertilize the tree a couple of times a year. Lastly, the soil should have good drainage, to avoid standing water.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing my post. All pics were taken with a Sony SLR a55 camera in aperture mode. All pics are original, in order to provide you with unique content. Thanks!

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