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exploring waterfalls in the wild #TripEdition01

The charm of Lingkok Kuwieng, TripEdition01

Hello Hive Community Friends,today I went on a trip to explore the waterfalls, Kuwieng is a tourist spot in Pidie Regency, which offers a unique natural phenomenon similar to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States, this place has a beauty that lies in its valley and beautiful small waterfall.




Surely you are familiar with the charm of the beauty of the famous Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States. Who would have thought that the nature of Aceh also has tourist attractions similar to the Grand Canyon. Although not as beautiful as the Grand Canyon, this tourist spot called Lingkok Kuwieng still has an attraction that must be visited.

Lingkok Kuwieng is a valley that forms naturally on the side of a river. Inlaid with beautiful stones, which are made from natural processes for hundreds of years, this is a unique phenomenon that is truly captivating. Tourist attractions which are also often called Uruek Meuh and also the Valley of the Palaces have recently become increasingly popular and crowded with tourists.

Geographically, the location of Lingkok Kuwieng is in Padang Tiji District, Pidie Regency, Aceh Province. To reach the location of this tourist spot, at least tourists must travel a distance of 12 kilometers from Sigli City. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes. Initially, tourists were faced with good road conditions and smooth asphalt. But when they arrive in the hilly area, extreme and challenging roads await tourists.




It is recommended that visitors who want to come to Lingkok Kuwieng use a prime motorized vehicle such as a trail bike. This vehicle is very suitable, because the road to the location is still in the form of dirt and many large rocks are found making it difficult to pass. Not infrequently, tourists have to climb extreme incline because the location of this tourist spot is in the hills.

Given the extreme road that must be taken by tourists, it is hoped that those who have never been to Lingkok Kuwieng use the services of a guide from a local resident. By using the services of a guide, tourists' trips will be more comfortable and certainly will not be afraid to get lost. Sometimes, visitors have to park their vehicles and continue their journey to tourist sites on foot.

The long journey that drains sweat and sweat seems to be cured when tourists arrive at tourist sites. A unique natural phenomenon will be presented, in the form of a natural valley with green river water flowing from the mountains. Instantly, the gurgling water invites tourists to immediately undress and enjoy the fresh water by throwing themselves into the river.

The rock cliffs on the side of the river are predicted to be karst rocks that have been eroded by river flows for thousands of years. The flow of water naturally creates a kind of river pattern on the karst rocks, resulting in a very beautiful natural phenomenon. The rocks in Lingkok Kuwieng are arranged very neatly, as if they were the work of skilled human hands.

The beauty of Lingkok Kuwieng is more complete with the surrounding natural atmosphere that is still beautiful and awake. Rows of green trees, thrive around the river, creating cool air and a pleasant sight to behold. It is a beautiful color combination, with brown stones.

In this place, tourists can enjoy the fresh river water by bathing or swimming. The river water in this place comes from the Seulawah Mountains, which can also be seen in its splendor from Lingkok Kuwieng. In addition to being a tourist spot, this river is a source of irrigation for rice fields belonging to local residents.

The flow of the river water is calm and quite friendly for tourists who want to swim and bathe. The water is quite clear, green and not infrequently found dry leaves that fall into the river. If you don't want to get wet, tourists can enjoy the beauty of Lingkok Kuwieng by sitting back while enjoying the fresh air on the riverbank.

In Lingkok Kuwieng there is also a small waterfall that can be enjoyed by tourists. Although not too big, this waterfall is also a phenomenon in itself that is a pity to miss. Tourists can feel the cold of the waterfall as much as they want, and enjoy the sensation of the waterfall pouring down the whole body.

It is unfortunate that the beauty of the Lingkok Kuwieng tourist spot is not directly proportional to the existing facilities. There are still very few facilities that tourists can find at the location, besides that the condition of the road to get to this place has not been improved so it is quite difficult for tourists. Fortunately, now the local community has taken the initiative to create a new lane that can be used by two-wheeled vehicles.

There are still no safe parking spaces, public toilets, and mosques or prayer rooms around the tourist sites. In addition, tourists in

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