Outer Banks erosion is a battle that can't be won

The Outer Banks of North Carolina have gotten a lot more attention thanks to the teeny-bopper TV show as of late but it kind of ignores a lot issues that this area faces and has faced for my entire life: Erosion

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I love going to this part of our lovely state every year but we all kind of live in dreamland when we think that this vacation getaway is sustainable.... because it isn't.

I truly feel as though this place (that i love) would have succumbed to the forces of nature quite some time ago if it werent for the constant dredging of sand to keep the ocean from taking back what is rightfully its own.

The Outer Banks is a strange bit of land that is connected by bridges and roads that are routinely destroyed by tidal influences but we, being the omnipotent-feeling people that we are keep building the back.

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I love going out here and some of the most expensive property in the USA is contained here but as much as it pains me, especially as someone that works in construction, I do in fact realize that this is a Sisyphean task. This land will eventually be claimed back by the sea and the only thing keeping it around right now is the immense amount of money that is sunk into it annually to keep it from becoming a series of islands.

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It kind of makes me think that this is a 'man vs wild" type of situation and eventually no matter how much money or technology that we sink into it we are eventually going to lose.

In the meantime if you are alive now you should probably go and have a look before it is no longer an option because it is quite the sight when you are there. People dont generally consider North Carolina a tourist destination but they really should... because I think that by the time I am dead that going out here at all is going to involve a boat.... not a road.

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