Hive Philippines Travel and Nature Photography #247 - by Allmonitors

#247 - Roasted under the sun.

It was our second day in the island and we are already done with the island tour earlier. It was three in the afternoon and we are tired so we had to relax a bit just by the coconut trees and bermuda grasses.


We rode two motorcycles during the tour earlier and each rider has me and my wife as passenger. The riders are locals who also work for the resort that we stayed in. When we got back to the resort we are already exposed to the sun and we look roasted.😆😁

My wife posses at the coconut tree nearby and I took her photos with the skyline above covered with some cloud formations.


This is what the resort looks like. There are plenty of nipa hits similar to those in the coconut trees. The one we stayed in is a bit smaller because there's only two of us. It is a great and relaxing view seeing all these greens which give could comfort to tired eyes.


I took more photos of my wife with her wearing also a white t shirt. There are plenty of coconut her surrounding the resort. Everywhere the eyesight find is a coconut tree standing to another coconut.😁


The beach front is just beside us. Only a few steps and we are already at the shore with our feet in the water. But we are already tired and had dipped our body in several part of the island where there is a beach front.



Me, I just laid down on the bermuda grasses after taking my eifeand rest for some time. I can feel the grasses pointy ends pinching at my back and gives me tickles. I managed to nap for a few minutes before waking up.


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Shot taken in Quezon Province, Philippines.

Image/s were shot using Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex