Hive Philippines Travel and Nature Photography #243 - by Allmonitors

#243 - Scenes at the harbor. Before our journey to island 🏝️ hopping, we first went to the island harbour to wait for our ferried small boat ride. The place is still full of boats at around eight in the morning.

That is already the time for tourists to arrive coming from the places or hotels they have stayed the night. Soon, most of these boats are in the sea transporting loads of visitors from all over the country and mostly from different parts of the world since a lot of the tourists here are from Europe and other continents.


The left side of the harbor is dedicated for fishing boats where fishermen with their catch can be unloaded in the left side of the docks.


These two kids are already in the water enjoying it as the sun still climbs up above. They chase each other in the shallow part of the shore.

Another look of the boats that are for tourists just waiting for their arrivals. Before nine or ten in the morning most of these are in the middle of the sea already doing island hopping.


These are the locals who will be captains of their ships later on. The one walking is our captain, he is guiding us to the tourism office to pay for some amount before we can board the boat and get to the islands we are supposed to visit as part of the islat tour.

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Shot taken in Siargao, Philippines.

Image/s were shot using Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex

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