Allium Ursinum

Wild Garlic

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Entering the forest with a big bag, I carefully penetrated a field of wild garlic. By carefully stepping on moss islands to make sure I don't break a twig or leave a trace, I discovered untainted bunches with delicious buds of bear leek I kept munching on.

I imagined that I was hunting a fox and tracking steps. Imagining this, made me pay attention to making sure another hunter would not be able to trace my steps. Also a great way to practice balance.

Photo by @yangyanje

Specially paying attention to areas that clearly showed the traces of either humans or various different animals, I maintained a very picky picking. Navigating the terrain with caution it felt like I could sense the forest in my hair. (hope anyone reading this is giggling as much as me when I wrote it)

yes, Shinobi's have long hair

After filling all my bags I had at least a KG.

Photo by @yangyanje

In front of me, still an endless landscape of buckrams filling the forests. Doing this almost every year, the rumour of tape worms and other dangers are widely spread and deter most from doing this. It makes a lot of sense if people pay USD 2.50 for 20grams in a regular shop here. I don't blame them, some one has to get paid and swiss salaries aren't low. Around this season it can be profoundly rewarding to be with oneself and nature. Every spring I do see an abundance of food around me during March, April and May. During these months the surroundings where I live provide an amazing time to be out in nature and reconnect. @riverflows and @artemislives as well as the whole @naturalmedicine collective have inspired me to collect wild plants and herbs with countless posts. They share detailed and valuable information on countless plants, gardening and health recipes. I encourage anyone to also dig into their older posts. You might find a lot of jewels in the crates of their blog feeds.

Photo by @yangyanje

Ok, Now imagine a whole Mountain full of this herb all over it's forests!

After going home I made various pestos. For some I used sunflower seed, others peanuts or cashew nuts. Yes, Peanut Buckram Pesto is the bomb!

My idea of this post was to encourage anyone who has this opportunity to collect wild herbs and make salads to not stay confined to yourself at home. Starting with Ramsons is pretty easy if you are new to this. Here they grow in areas close to water and where there is a lot of moisture.


Another very common herb found on lawns and grass fields, is Plantago lanceolata. In the family of plantains, it's also known as Piantaggine. It has a lot of health benefits for humans, such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, and anti-ulcerative properties. It contains Calcium, vitamins A,C, and K. Its extracts are commonly known and used for wound healing. I think they taste amazing in salads and grow everywhere.

ohh yeah, It's @fruitsandveggiesmonday :)


Photo by @yangyanje

Photo by @yangyanje

I cooked an asian fusion dish with black beans and savoy cabbage and added some wild garlic. This was at a friend's place who lived close by that wild garlic mountain. The area really felt like a mystical fairy tale. Him and his girlfriend being scientists and -he from virological lab and -she being a biologist, we exchanged a lot on mycelium, bacteria and micro biomes as well as having in depth conversations about co-evolution.

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